Bosses For Beginners

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Where do I start?

Some players will begin to achieve their first boss kills while completing lower-level restricted marks and runs, but others of us don't get started until 4th class or later. That's ok! For more information on those bosses, please see our run guides for those level ranges below. This list is intended for players 3rd class or higher who aren't sure where to start with getting boss kills. If you're 4th class or Archon, and have no or few boss kills yet, start with these fairly straight-forward bosses. Most of the bosses below can be soloed or completed in small groups. Difficult factors are indicated where necessary. Be sure to read the boss guide in its entirety before starting the run. Good luck, be safe and make smart decisions! In no time you'll find yourself soaring into the 40+ boss kill count!

Please note that only a maximum of 3 members of a form will be granted a boss kill each time the NPC dies, not included those who already have it. There have been some speculations that killing the NPC via a SPELL will cause the boss kill not to give credit, but this is unconfirmed and often disputed.

Note: anything that requires an archon is denoted as such. All else is doable by lower levels. A mid-high 4th classer or hero can partake in all activities listed below.

In order of difficulty:

Starting to require more CPK...

Getting a bit more advanced, archon tanks recommended...

Starting to require archon-based forms...

A good starting point... The above list will net you at least the first Boss Kill mark of 33 Bosses (see Mark of Potency) and at least 560 practices. You may have even more bosses if you completed any of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd class level-restricted runs. Beyond this initial list, grab your friends and seek out new adventures! Visit our boss and run guide pages for some helpful tips!

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