The Kraken

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Location: Pirate's Cove
Levels: a well equipped Hero or Archon
Boss Kill: counts as a boss kill for level 241 and under.
Availability: standard repop for the area
Marks: none


Standard reagent and mem check. A couple of snares if youíre a rogue. Room shield is a great addition as this is NPK with the Kraken being in CPK. Itís a high traffic area so itís easy to get caught off guard. CPK gear is a must.

Spell up as normal.

Need a pickaxe and spade to get to him.


The Kraken is located at the bottom of the cove in Pirateís Cove. To get to him go to the southwest corner of the cove. Go all down and dig in the corner. Youíll find a Southwest. Follow this to the east, take your first south and follow it until your next south. Take that south and follow it to the east until you come to a room marking the entrance to the Krakenís Lair.

This is your last NPK room. The kraken is located in CPK. Because this is a high traffic area, itís recommended to setup precautions. I like to snare every few rooms leading up and then recall out afterwards. If you have roomshield it would be good to do a few rooms to slow pursuers down. Check where often, monitor who towne archon closely, attempt to track any suspicious persons, and watch for shift times.


The Kraken has a few guards in his room which luckily donít form with him if youíre invisible. The Kraken encounter is pretty simple. He doesnít web or silence. He mainly just hits fairly hard (even with 100 armor) and breaths poison a lot. When youíre getting low just flee east to the NPK room, cure poison, rinse and repeat. He goes down pretty quickly.


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