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Availability: Unknown, Must be done between the hours of 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM, in-game time.

Can be done by anyone up to level 240, although heroes cannot form to fight her. A well-equipped and experienced hero may solo her, but a form of some sort is highly recommended.

Note: Bentnose must be alive for this run to work, therefore if he is dead from the Whompfish run, this run cannot be done.


Before heading to Ogre Village, you will need:

- a tablet of ogre history (Kill Tristan, in Rune Castle, for this. It's on a random)
- a spade and pick-ax (Any general store)
- a stick of dynamite (Only the kind from Focault works)

Then check the usual stuff, reagents and spell mems.

Now, head to Ogre Village after 8:00 PM and before 6:00 AM. From the entrance, head to the west corner of the Stinkfish River.

Directions from entrance to Stinkfish River Corner: s;sw;2se;e;ne;2e;ne;se;s;2sw;2s;sw;2s;sw;w

Then, go down through the hidden wall and follow the path till you're out of the river (d;sw;d;2sw). If you see a PK room south of this room, go in and check if Jojo is there and sleeping. If she is and isn't protected by the Powers, it means the run has been opened and you can skip the middle portion of the guide and begin killing her. If she is protected by the Powers, then you will need to complete the portion below to open the run.

Beware: Do not go downwards near the PK rooms as it will lead to a DT

If you cannot locate Jojo as described above, go back to the inner part of the Ogre Village. Give the tablet of ogre history to Bentnose. If he heads off for the mountain, you can continue the run. If he doesn't, the run has already been completed and may not be tried again for one in-game day (TBC).

You give a tablet of ogre history to Bentnose.
'Our story!' Bentnose exclaims. 'Thank you Daelyn!'
'Me prepare party for catch that stupid halfling now.' Bentnose says.
'Is night, she sleep in cave maybe.'
Bentnose leaves for the mountains.

Once Bentnose heads for the mountain, go back to the path at the corner of the river described above until you see a boulder in the room. Dig until a crack is revealed in the boulder and put the stick of dynamite into the crack in the boulder. A south will be revealed, with Jojo two rooms south of the current room.

Jojo Encounter

Jojo throws bombs, webs and casts some of the deadlier spells in the game, including HE, silence, extinction and energy orb. Players who are level 239 and below can form and kill her without much difficulty. Heroes, however, cannot be in a formation or she will run into Ogre Village and be incredibly difficult and annoying to kill. Heroes can be out of form and take turns bash/fleeing. You can also, while unformed, have one person tank, with a group of other people under 241 healing and refreshing him, though this may be slower.

Warning: Archons CANNOT enter the room, or she will flee into Ogre Village and be very difficult to kill.

Jojo drops:

This NPC is known to carry the following items:
This NPC carries 'a ninja crossbow', a level 229 crossbow.
This NPC carries 'nunchaku of destruction', a level 170 nunchaku.
This NPC carries 'a black belt', a level 163 clothing.
This NPC carries 'black hand wraps', a level 162 armor.
This NPC carries 'whip of mental strangulation', a level 238 whip.

Note: However, she only drops one of these per kill.

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