The Towne Of Xaventry

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The Towne of Xaventry and its points of interest:


In the heavily forested northern area of Sepharia, adventurers will find Xaventry. This fine town is well known for its affinity for nature and affiliations with the Druid population. The whole town is located within the forests of Sepharia, entire sections of town exclusively accessible through shimmering glades and gloomy trails. This closeness to nature makes the area a comfortable home for druids, priests, and shamans. Additionally, shrines and temples have been erected to the five powers. Each of these serves as hubs for the communities within Xaventry, inhabited mainly by the followers of that Power. Xaventry is the largest city in Alyria, with innumerable inhabitants and back paths.

Ruled by Lady Undya, Xaventry offers young adventurers several challenges including the Druid Maze, Temple of Madras, Dira Temple, Ithrilis Temple, Temple of Vandyne, and Gath Temple. Each of these offers special rewards for those who are willing to risk all to delve into their depths, unraveling their age old secrets. Lady Undya offers fine rewards to adventurers who are willing to assist her with various quests.

Many shops and other establishments are located within the market district. These shops sell an array of merchandise as well as basic goods and services any adventurer may need when resting from traveling. Xaventry Realty prospers in the northwest section of town. Adventurers may purchase homes here in which to reside in their time aside from adventuring.

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