A Horrifying, Demonic Blarg

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Location: Focault's Residence
Levels: well outfitted and likely maxed-out hero or an average archon, a dedicated out of form healer is a plus.
Boss Kill: 241 and under.
Availability: standard zone repop, 45 mins
Marks: none


Standard reagent and mem check. Make sure to equip as much SV-Para as you can to help out.

Need magic unlock to open his door.

Spell up as normal.


A horrifying, demonic Blarg is located in Focaultís residence on the first floor after the looping stairs. To do the looping stairs go 5 up, 3 down, and up until you see and east. From here go 3 north and you will see a locked west. Magic unlock this door. The Blarg will agro as soon as you enter so be ready. Provide detailed instructions on how to get to the boss.


The Blarg doesnít hit particularly hard but it is a very very long fight. It has a massive amount of hp and armor. Spell him up like normal and be ready for a long fight. The room itself will unform any formations so you will absolutely need a dedicated person spamming heal on whoever is getting the boss kill.

The Blarg breaths poison often. It also has the ability to para you. This coupled with the massive hp and moderate damage will spell death for most people getting caught off guard. You will need to warn your dedicated healer when youíre paraíd.

As the Blarg gets low it starts to throw random bombs. If he runs out of bombs, he spawns more automatically. The lower he gets, the more bombs he throws.

Itís a long fight, but not difficult with an out of combat healer. Just keep smacking him and he will die. Itíll take a solid 10 or more minutes of constant combat.


Whatever bombs spawned on him when you killed him.

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