The Knight, Sir Tristan

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Location: Runic Castle
Levels: soloable by 1 hero or archon, recommended with good AR and vitals. If you are a hero you will need very high damage to overcome his high regen rate. Another player, even a 180 would be helpful to add enough damage. He doesn't hit that hard.
Boss Kill: The Knight, Sir Tristan counts as a boss kill for level 241 and under.
Availability: standard repop time, no hibernation


Standard reagent and mem check.


Tristan is found in the runic castle. It's best to fight him in Agrippa's room, since it's no-magic and Tristan often webs immediately upon engaging in combat. Tristan casts a variety of spells including web, faerie fire, curse, blind and weaken.


Standard boss combat strategy applies; flee when low, heal up with magic, step in and attack again, flee when low, heal up, repeat. He can be spelled up fully with standard debuff spells. If you have someone with you that's a psionic, you can hopefully catch him outside the room, spell him up with plague, poison, weaken, faerie fire, curse and other spells other than web, and spook him into the no-magic room.

Read Aura

You sense the following:
The knight, Sir Tristan is a level 350 human aligned with Gath, the Power of Fire.
The knight, Sir Tristan is immune to poison.
The knight, Sir Tristan is affected by the following magical affects:
* 'Sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'Fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'Sense Life', cast at level 350.
* 'Detect Invisibility', cast at level 350.


Tristan drops a few pieces of standard gear, a small steel mace, and a tablet of ogre history used in the Jojo run.

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