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Availability: 45 minute standard zone repop. 2-3 repops per cooldown period.

Vyst requires 3 good stat people, more if stats are far from max amounts, reaching Vyst requires killing 4 sub bosses, all of which are minor and will pose no danger.


Minimal preperation is required for this, reagents, spell mems, a few calm mixes if rangers or monks are available. Levitation is recommended incase you are in combat during an earthquake.

Zizziks Key

Immune to: unknown
Resistant to: unknown
Vulnerable to: unknown
* 'sanctuary', cast at level 340.
* 'fireshield', cast at level 340.
* 'haste', cast at level 340.

Note: Zizziks will paralyse via bite attacks.

The journey to Vyst begins with a group of winding tunnels and pathways en route to the mantle of Alyria's storied volcano. Beginning from the top of Mount Vesuvius you must go 9d s 6d, which will bring you An Ashy Intersection. At this point you begin the process of amassing the keys required to seek entrance to Vyst. Speed-paths have not been provided for this upper section as there is no assurance of avoiding the numerous aggressive NPCs along these paths.

From An Ashy Intersection, follow the path leading in the southwest direction until you reach a closed door, you must go south and as quickly as possible enter altar. You may need to repeat this path if you find yourself teleported back to your original location. Defeat Zizziks to obtain a flat basalt key, then go north. Now you should be back at An Ashy Intersection.

Syrazic Key

Immune to: summon, negative
Resistant to: magic, fire, mental, necromantic
Vulnerable to: holy, silver
* 'sanctuary', cast at level 340.
* 'fireshield', cast at level 340.
* 'haste', cast at level 340.

Note: Syrazic has breath attacks and throws bombs.

Next, (from An Ashy Intersection) follow the path to the northwest until you have reached A Sweltering Intersection, then veer on to the path leading south. As you follow this path you will encounter A Fork in the Path, continue to the northwest until you have reached The Mad Gnome's Cave. Give the Gnome 10000 gold (or 'a compressed earth token' if you have one) and your ride will begin immediately to the Mantle of Mount Vesuvius. When you have finished your ride on the Mad Mole, follow the parth north till you hit the intersection, then go all east and search. This will open up a hidden exit east, follow the passage through the first intersection. Go NE from the intersection until you get to the down, go down and search again. Continue through the hidden down door where you will find Wiggles Tenderfoot, after defeating Wiggles Tenderfoot hang on to the guard's ring. Go follow the path back and all west, follow the path northwest until you hit the intersection, then continue along the southwest path where you will find Syrazic. Defeat Syrazic to recover a brilliant white key.

Note: Wiggles rarely drops "an enchanted ball of magma" which can be used to obtain the Mark of Flames or Mark of Extinguishment.

Pythax Key

Immune to: bash, disease
Resistant to: magic, fire
Vulnerable to: pierce, earth
* 'sanctuary', cast at level 340.
* 'fireshield', cast at level 340.
* 'haste', cast at level 340.

After defeating Syrazic, continue back along the path you came from. Going east at the first intersection then ne at the next, follow the path all ne, then north till the first east. Now that you're inside the church go east and enter the room north. Defeat the goodly priest for a shriveled fruit (Note: This is an important item on this run, so hold onto it). Proceed to walk back out of the room and west to the main hallway, continue all north (careful of the cpk at the end of the hall) then all down and follow the path till you meet the splitroads, go nw nw ne e se e ne e nw and follow the path up to Pythax's Lair, where the mob with the next key is. Kill Pythax to obtain a glowing red key and you will then backtrack along the path, going se w sw w nw, which will leave you back on A Misery Bound Pathway. To your north will be a CPK room which contains 'A fiery, blazing rift opens here, defying the laws of nature...', go north and enter the riftat which time you will find yourself on the path to the underground city of Volcanus. Follow this path with the aforementioned guard's ring in your inventory and you will awarded a Volcanus militia badge, allowing you to enter the city of Volcanus.

Stepha Key

Immune to: summon, charm, holy
Resistant to: fire, mental, necromantic
Vulnerable to: negative, iron
* 'sanctuary', cast at level 340.
* 'fireshield', cast at level 340.
* 'haste', cast at level 340.

Note: Stepha will cast druid spells, but none will be blocked by "elemental shield", this might be a bug

Once you have entered the city, n w s will bring you to The Cave of the Ancient where you must hand the shriveled fruit you obtained earlier to Mordimus, who will plant it in the ground for you. After a few moments of waiting, you will notice that a glowing red fruit has fallen from the plant of purity, take this fruit and eat it to be transported The Skyline Gardens where you will find and locate the next mob. Journey along the path to the east and defeat Stepha, the angel of purity, for a shining yellow key and the final seal of Vyst. You must then backtrack along the path, going south at the first intersection then west at the next, here you should find a garden gate. Enter the garden gate and you should once again be standing at An Ashy Intersection, for the final time.

Here again you must follow the path to your NW, then the south path at A Sweltering Intersection and finally NW at the fork in the path. Give the Mad Gnome 10000 gold once more and await for the ride to complete then go all north along the path, all west from the first intersection then all northeast, all north and follow the path. Go nw nw ne e and you will arrive once again at the fiery rift, head north and enter rift then proceed as before through the city gates. Once you have entered the city, you may seek out the final key. North, all west, north till you see west then w, will bring you to the home of Wyglif the Wise, defeat him for a small key made of marble. Then go e n east till north and n, this will bring you to the entrance of the temple.

Vyst Encounter

Immune to: summon, charm, bash, fire, poison
Resistant to: magic, fire, mental, necromantic
Vulnerable to: cold, water
* 'sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'haste', cast at level 350.

Unlock the north door then proceed 3N and you will occur a series of locked doors, each door featured after the key which pertains to it, when you have unlocked the final door, you will be asked to provide the final seal of Vyst as a final rite of passage. You are then teleported to an exit less CPK room where you are given the opportunity to spell up and heal yourself from previous embattlement. When you are fully prepared, each member (beginning with the tanking member of course) may enter the rift and you may try your luck at the Vyst. This room IS CPK and you WILL NOT be able to flee. When he has been slain, sit and wait for repop (with hunter wards on) or recall out. Keep in mind that his corpse explodes so ask everyone to keep autoloot ON near the end.

Vyst can be spelled up with most debuffs, he will attempt to dispel himself every so often, so keep debuffs applied. Should Vyst TK wave and unform your group, you will need to calm and reform quickly, taking care not to calm while Vyst is casting already. Having a psionic cancel conjuration school magic during calming will prevent Vyst from bolting the tank, as Vyst gets close to death you may wish to take down the cancel, calm and have the psionic cancel illusion school to prevent Vyst from casting momentary darkness. Tank should be kept above 2k hp to prevent deaths from bolt spells.

Note: "A gem of Life" is used to obtain Mark of Balance.

Vyst carries:

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