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Location: Focault's Residence
Levels: at least 2 archon's recommended with good AR and vitals to withstand bolting (at least 2500 hp); a well equipped 180 or high 4th classer with good vitals can participate. A good 120 can enter at the end for the mark.
Boss Kill:Focault counts as a boss kill for level 241 and under.
Availability: 30 minute pop time, no hibernation
Marks:Focault holds the Mark of Mystery for second, third and fourth classes, but make sure you go with higher levels or he will kill you.

This run is fairly standard, but is easily camped by CPKers. If you plan on doing this run, take the time to be prepared for a CPK encounter with another player. Focault's Residence is listed under "who nowhere", and a group of players doing the run is easily identifiable under that search. If you are not very familiar with this run, be sure to bring cure blind potions and other CPK preparatory items (in case you get silenced, blinded, etc...) Other than that issue, this run is standard and fairly easy.

Check all reagents and mems before starting this run. All form members should be capable of casting calm or eating calm herbs - if you can bring calm herbs, they may come in handy. Having a method for dispel area is also a major plus, so bring negation orbs, have a wizard with you or an archon with a Redemption. Prepare for CPK, and bring CPK items such as cure blind potions, etc. The tank must be able to withstand a bolt, so their HP should be at minimum 2500 hp (bolts can hit for upwards of 2200 hp each.) More HP is recommended for a safe run. All form members should also be able to withstand a couple rounds of tanking, as sometimes Focault or his familiars can attack formation members. All members should have CPK gear on, but as high of HP and AR as possible.

To begin this run, you must obtain at least one (if you're fairly new to this run, it is recommended that you get two) of a skeleton key which is looted off of the adventurer residing in the Executive Office on the 2nd floor. To get to him, start at recall, then move all east, 4 up, 2 down, 3 up then 2 east. Sometimes he might wander out of this room, so kill other adventurers if he's not there. The drop rate on this key is often fairly low, so you might need to kill him several times to obtain 1-2 keys. Once the key is obtained, assemble your form, check reags and mems, then move onward to Focault. Keep these keys in a trunk or pouch to protect them from fragging. Do not store them in a bag - should you die in CPK at Focault, and your bag with the keys drops, you will not be able to get back to loot your corpse.

Tip: If you want extra protection against CPK, be sure to kill the adventurers right before entering Focault's area, to help give a small cushion of time for key repops. Note that many CPKers unfortunately keep skeleton keys on them, or in their chests.


Focault Encounter:

Once you've collected your skeleton key(s), you'll need to travel with your form through a brief maze to Focault. Beginning from recall again, go all east, 4 up, 2 down, 3 up, east, 4 north, east, 2 up, west, 2 south, east and enter the rift.

After that go north, 2 west, south, down, 6 north, east, north, unlock the east door and enter it. Now if you want add extra protection against someone cpking you, close the west door and lock it. South and East from this room are death traps and the north exit is 1 way, so once you exit into it you cannot return. Back on course, from here go 4 north, 2 south and search until you reveal the east.

The room to your east is the hall before Focault. This hallway is composed of two private rooms, the first one nomagic and both filled with icestorms. The 2nd room may cause your formation to disband, so be prepared to have to calm and re-form up in Focault's room. To absolutely prevent anyone cpking you, you can put 2 people in the first room to block anyone getting in (make sure you leave the 2nd room open incase you need to flee). Focault's door is in the 2nd east and you'll need to use your key again to unlock this. Before entering this hallway, double check your mems, and instruct your form members to spell up.

Once your form is ready, have the person with the skeleton key move by him/herself to the locked door 2 east. Unlock this door, then move back to the form to re-form if they were unformed in the process of unlocking the door. Now, send your tank (not the form leader) quickly all east to engage Focault in combat (move quickly so as to avoid losing formation.)

Focault will aggro the first person who enters the room and will cast web on the first person to enter combat with him. Once Focault is engaged, the rest of the form should hurry in and focus first on making sure the tank is healed up. If the form got disbanded in the hallway, calm right after a tick and reform immediately. At this point in time, Focault will begin summoning familiars if they were not in the room already. Have each form member target the familiars first and kill them all before refocusing your attention to Focault. If the familiars were already in the room, they will likely aggro any form members who enter the room after the tank does. The tank can usually calm and attack a familiar without Focault remaining in combat. (They are not typically formed up.) It's a good idea to get his familiars out of the way and sacrifice their corpses since he can raise them back and have them join his form via animate dead.

It is important to keep the tank healed above 2300 (minimally) hp so that the tank can withstand a bolt. If you have a psionic in form, calm and have them cancel conjuration to prevent bolting. Focault can't be silenced anymore. Flash bombs of high level work on him somewhat well, but he'll instantly cure blind so I've found them to be a waste of time in this run. Focault can also cast room shield and momentary darkness, so be careful if you decide to flee as you might get stuck outside the room shield. To prevent momentary darkness, you can have a psionic cancel illusion or wear a Redemption. If he manages to pull off a momentary darkness, anyone can get aggro'd by him. Have the person who gets attacked spam calm, while other form members cast dispel area until the darkness recedes. Note that dispel area cannot be cast while combat is going on in the room.

Cast your standard debuffs against him, including slow, but keep in mind that he is immune to disease, summon, charm, poison and negative. He is also resistant to magic, but is vulnerable to holy, iron and light. Hammer away at him while keeping your tank healed up - he's not very difficult and doesn't hit too hard during standard melee combat. Have a form member keep a constant eye on "who nowhere" to watch for CPKers. Watch "who towne archon" as well to watch for CPKers who might be lurking in Rune.

Once you've defeated focault you can exit his area by searching in his CPK room and unlocking the south gate with your skeleton key, once inside enter the rent and you'll be back at the start.

Focault carries: (Need html IDs on the following items)


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