The Eater Of Dreams

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Location: Hellbent Mountain
Levels: a well-equipped single Archon, easier with two. Not recommended for heroes unless you're feeling really brave!
Boss Kill: 241 and under.
Availability: standard zone repop of 30 minutes.
Marks: potentially related to the Mark of Lucidity. Unconfirmed, and needing more info.


Standard reagent and mem check. Prepare for CPK combat and a lengthy journey full of aggro mobs down Hellbent Mountain. If traveling with a form, be sure to put a member with evasion in the last-to-enter-room form position (furthest to the right and behind when you type FORM). Bring at least 1 word of recall scroll with you if you cannot cast the spell.

Having dispel magic, a timepiece or redemption, or a dispelling weapon is a plus.


Located deep within the bowels of Hellbent Mountain, inside a CPK cave, lies the Eater of Dreams, a psionic Boss mob. He is located on the way down to the Underground; his cave is along the far western wall of the large underground lake level. He is soloable by an archon, and easy with 2 archons. Heroes can come along for this fight, but might have difficulty tanking him due to his decent melee damage and high hp. Keep a watchful eye on who underg to monitor for potential CPKers.

From Recall:

(sw) 4e n 2e n w 2n 2w n w n 2w d (ne) d 5s u e d 3(ne) u s e (se) 2w 4s 2e n e n e d 7w u s d 3(se) u w s w s w s w s d 7n u w d 3(sw) u n w (nw) 2e n 3w n w d 7e u 3n 2w (sw) (se) 2s e n d n d w (nw) n 2w 3(ne) 2s (se) 4n 2(ne) 3(se) w s 3e 2(se) 2w 2s 2w d 3e 3n e s (se) e s (sw) n w s (sw) w n w 2(sw) s 3w 3n e s 2e 2n w 3n w n 2e (ne) 2e s e d 10w s 2(sw) 3w 4s. This will place you east of the entrance to his CPK cave. The Eater of Dreams moves around within his cave, which is a small 7 room area.


The Eater of Dreams is a fairly straight forward fight. Dispel him if you can (a timepiece works nicely), spell him up and flee out when you get to about 1k hp to heal up. He has a tendency to cast the Kill spell, so watch your sanctuary to avoid a nasty death. He also likes to telekinetic wave the form, unforming the tank - watch for this, and if it happens simply calm and reform or flee out and reform in an adjacent room. Wear death grip if you can to prevent him from disarming you. His loot drops to the floor, so no need to set autoloot off.


Standard boss loots.

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