The Elemental Hydra

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Location: The Towne of Xaventry
Levels: Soloable for a decent geared and stat Archon, a Hero will need a second helper, two of any will make this fairly easy. If you get in and its too hard, just calm and enter the portal to exit.
Boss Kill: counts as a boss kill for level 241 and under.
Availability: every 15 minutes, no cool down
Marks: none


Check reagents, and spell mems, some calm herbs if you can use them are always helpful.


Head to the Towne of Xaventry then obtain the following two keys:

Obtain a Rusted Key from the the High Priestess of Vandyne.

Obtain a Brass Key from the the High Priestess of Gath.

From the High Priestess of Gath, move 1 east and search (directly north of Graylith) for a down. Unlock down, move down. For extra safety measures you can close and re-lock this door behind you.

Have your party prepare for the upcoming fight and make sure they all have levitation on them. Focus on high AR to withstand damage. If you have a psionic tanking, have them cast telekinetic shield to block the breathes. Three mutani herbs would help here, but aren't required since forms follow you through dizzy rooms now. Once you're all ready go east and slowly move through 3 dizzies until you're all east; unlock and open the east door. The elemental hydra will be in the room east of you. Spam a direction other than west until you finally get in the room.

The elemental hydra Encounter

The elemental hydra is a 61 year old, level 400 Elemental, and is aligned to Animism, the Acknowledgment of the Life present in All Things.
The elemental hydra is immune to: summon charm holy steal
The elemental hydra is resistant to: magic fire lightning water earth air
The elemental hydra has a Saving against Spells and Most Spell Effects modifier of 16.
The elemental hydra has a Saving against Paralysis (i.e., Sleep, Web, Slow, etc.) modifier of -2.
The elemental hydra has a saving against Magic Orbs, Staves, and Wands modifier of -3.
The elemental hydra has a Saving against Petrification (i.e., Abjure, Kill, etc.) modifier of -2.
The elemental hydra has a Saving against Breath Weapons modifier of -2.
The elemental hydra is affected by the following magical affects:
* 'Fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'Haste', cast at level 350.

Once you're in, you can calm and quickly cast dispel magic on the elemental hydra. You'll have a few moments before it re-aggros. Once in combat, focus on dispelling, then spelling [the elemental hydra]] up - it can be cursed, plagued, poisoned and slowed, among other debuffs. the elemental hydra has little HP so it will die fast, and as long as the tank keeps above 1k hp in case of a nasty breath, you'll have no problem. The room is CPK, but a quick room shield can help protect against PKers and prevent anyone in town from seeing you on 'where.' If the room shield drops mid-fight, calm and recast it. Keep the room shield up in-between fights. If you cannot room shield, I recommend doing this run during shift time to prevent a PK incident.

Killing the elemental hydra earns 13 AP, split amongst the formation. Elemental maces or bracelets repop around 20% of the time. Lilac Spheres drop most of the time. Generic boss loot items may also drop. There is no corpse, all of the loot will fall to the ground.

When finished, you can enter the portal in the same room to take you to the maradas temple where you can walk back into town.

Please note that the bracelet of elements is on a low-ish drop rate. There are reports that it can take between 15-30 hydra deaths for one to drop. Do not be dismayed if one doesn't drop right away, just keep trying. Also note that the BOE only has 1 AR now and is no-tweak, meaning you cannot forge it. Some people say that 2 AR bracelets still drop, but it is rare.

The elemental hydra carries:

Item 'a bracelet of the elements' is type jewelry, alignment 0, made of scales,
has keywords 'elements bracelet', equipped on the wrist.
This item weighs 0 stones and 10 pebbles, and is valued at 57,000 gp.
This level 220 item has the attributes: identified no-auction insulated
A bracelet of the elements is in fair shape.
Affects saving-breath by 1.
Affects ar by 2.
Casts the level 119 spell, 'improved invisibility'.
*This item may be repaired 2 times.
This bracelet was forged by the elemental lords themselves.  It is made
of five different colors of scales.  The colors of the bracelet are: black,
for Maradas red, for Gath blue for Ithrilis and white for Dira.  Outlining
the two edges of the bracelet is a pinkish hue representing Vandyne.  It is
said to be empowered with some of the same properties of the beast that it
came from.  

Item 'the mace of the elements' is type weapon, alignment 0, made of steel,
has keywords 'elements mace', equipped wielded as a weapon.
This item weighs 0 stones and 24 pebbles, and is valued at 52,400 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: identified no-sac insulated wont-fuse unbreakable magic-resistant nochange will-float
The mace of the elements is in excellent condition.
Weapon type is mace, does 189 points of bash damage for 3 stamina, accuracy 12.
With your knowledge of 'mace', this weapon can cause 113 damage against 0 ar.
Affects knowledge by 1.
Affects wisdom by 5.
*This item may be repaired 7 times.
This mace is beautifully crafted and forged together by only the
elemental lords themselves.  The shaft is entirely made of crystal and the
head gleams with five different colors.  The colors of the four blades are:
black, for Maradas; red, for Gath; blue for Ithrilis; and white for Dira. 
The blades have been magically attached to a rod in the center that radiates
a pinkish hue, representing Vandyne.  The blades are not physically attached
to the rod at all, but rather are suspended about a couple of milimeters off
of it.  The central rod continues past the blades and forms a spike at the
top.  This is the perfect choice of weapon for any druid or priest.  

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