A Tangle Tree

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Location: Anywhere in the Alyrian wilds on either Sepharia or Avros continents. Random location per pop.

Levels: A small group of heroes can likely kill it; lower levels can survive with a high level tank.

Boss Kill: counts as a boss kill for level 241and under.

Availability: TBD

Marks: N/A



Standard reagent and mem check. To stop combat you must calm, so be prepared with calm reagents/herbs in case combat goes poorly. Tangle Tree is not aggro!

Immune to slow


Can be located by simply walking the wilds until you find him, or by using the following device, which is purchased from the tinkergnome? in Lowangen:

Item 'Admiral Yotln's fantastic device' is type treasure, alignment 250, made of
has keywords 'admiral yotln fantastic device giant bronze machine humming'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 95 pebbles, and is valued at 40,000 gp.
This level 200 item has the attributes: visible-owner-only insulated magic-resis
tant will-float no-steal phased
Admiral Yotln's fantastic device is in excellent condition.
*This item may be repaired 6 times.
*Admiral Yotln's fantastic device will last approximately 35,801 more Alyrian mi
This rumbly contraption is very fancy and complicated, and smelly to
boot.  It has an imp in a rotating cage on top, and several dials, levers
and buttons below.  It does not look very polished, but it is definitely
functional.  It does its job well, without regard to aesthetic appeal, and
it does it reliably.  The only downside to this device is that it does not
run on energy, or magic, or anything quite as esoteric.  It runs on gold,
and can be rather expensive to keep going.  

To use the device, drop in the wilds, and "push device". It will consume 20k gold on hand each time. It will give you a direction to travel. Using a simple binary search, it shouldn't take very long to locate an X or Y coordinate, and then simply travel along that vector to locate the tangle tree.


The mob will aggro any player in the room that casts out of combat. The combat routine is very dry, you will see various emotes but nothing serious. I would say this mob is duoable. We used 4 heroes/archons and it was cake. It did no special damage or anything of that nature, so just keep your tank healed and idle.


Nothing of interest.

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