Alpheus Winterborn

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Location: Winterborn Mansion

Levels: 180, high 4th class and archon; a strong group of 120's might be able to kill him.

Boss Kill: counts as a boss kill for level 180 and under.

Availability: standard zone repop, no hibernation

Marks: n/a



Standard reagent and mem check.


Alpheus Winterborn resides in his 3rd floor bedroom. The 3rd floor is all NPK and is full of aggro NPCs that spit acid and will frag items that are not insulated. Be sure to put away any items that might get fragged.

From the Entrance to the Mansion, move 3n, 2u, n, 3e, 2u, all west, south into Winterborn's room.


Winterborn will not aggro you, so feel free to dispel him and spell him up. All standard spells apply. He is immune to bash, and will cast spells at you including web, magic dart, etc. He is very easy for a hero or archon, might be a bit of a challenge for 3rd class, but is soloable by a 180. A group of strong 120s could likely take him on.

Read aura

You sense the following:
Alpheus Winterborn is resistant to magic.
Alpheus Winterborn is affected by level 200 'sense life'.
Alpheus Winterborn is immune to light.
Alpheus Winterborn is immune to summon.
Alpheus Winterborn is immune to steal.
Alpheus Winterborn is a level 200 human aligned with Dira, the Power of Air.


Lots of junk, except for a few somewhat valuable items for lower level characters:

Item 'a wizard's cloak' is type armor, alignment -100, made of cloth,
has keywords 'cloak wizard', equipped about the body.
This item weighs 0 stones and 25 pebbles, and is valued at 18,050 gp.
This level 65 item has the attributes: identified
A wizard's cloak is in excellent condition.
Armor resistance is 7 pierce, 7 bash, 6 slash, and 5 exotic.
Affects spell-points by 13.
Affects agility by 1.
Casts the level 32 spell, 'improved invisibility'.
*This item may be repaired 7 times.
This is part of the 'A Robe and Wizard Hat' set.
Requires level range of 110 to 120 to activate.
- Item 'a pointed hat'
- Item 'a wizard's cloak'
Alters knowledge of 'charm' by 15% (Requires 2 items).
Affects personality by 3 (Requires 2 items).
A dark cloak embroidered with stars and zodiac symbols lies on the ground
here.  You recognize it as belonging to the great wizard Alpheus Winterborn,
and wonder how you have been lucky enough to get ahold of it.  The cloak
gives off an evil aura, but you can tell that it has been enchanted with
many powerful spells.  

Rune-Inscribed Bag

Protective Charm

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