An Incensed Water Weird

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Location: Desert Of Thorn
Boss Kill:
Availability: As soon as you find 3 sandstone water glyphs
Marks: Mark of Divination


A quick minor run, soloable, but 2 people is a lot easier. Requires 3 of the item a sandstone water glyph to start.


Minimal preparation is required, basic spell mems, reagents and two additional factors; an exotic type damage weapon (fire and a few other elemental types will work too.) and an item with improved invisibility (it will not cast targeted spells if you are invisible).

An Incensed Water Weird encounter

When ready head to Desert Of Thorn and find the oasis pool. Simply "put sand pool" x 3 and a water elemental will appear, attack and kill it.

Note: At this point a broken piece of statue will drop to floor, this can be used for Mark of Famine.

Once dead An Incensed Water Weird will appear, he is immune to most spells and damage types, so only 100% spell lands should be attempted. You can dispel him via weapons before spelling him up or a timepiece if you have one. If you are invisible he will occasional cast TKE and TKW (which might unform you), other than that, the fight is pretty easy.


Item 'the mind javelin' is type weapon, alignment -400, made of palladium,
has keywords 'pike javelin mind weapon', equipped wielded as a weapon.
This item weighs 0 stones and 32 pebbles, and is valued at 55,400 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: blessed insulated
The mind javelin is in excellent condition.
Weapon type is pike, does 194 points of mental-lash damage for 3 stamina, accuracy 19.
You do not have the knowledge of 'pike' required to equip this weapon.
Special weapon attributes: flaming
*Your class must be equal to psionic to use this item.
*Your is-riding must be something other than True to use this item. (Enforced)
*This item may be repaired 6 times.
This short spike spontoon used to protect the warrior from advancing
enemies.  Its solid-palladium, pointed head protrudes from a wooden pole,
making it easy to use in formation combat.  The handle has been sanded to a
smooth surface, with leather wrapped around the base for a strong grip. 
Although pikes are usually unwieldy, difficult weapons, this one seems a
little moreattuned to you, almost as if you could steer it with your mind. 

Note: The Dowsing stick can be used to get the Mark of Divination.

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