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Cristina's Alliance Badges

 Cristina has 13 alliance badges.

Marks as of Dec 27, 2013:
Abjuration                 Adventure                  Air                       
Alchemy                    Alteration                 Animation                 
Anonymity                  Arbitration                Asceticism                
Assistance                 Association                Astrology                 
Balance                    Bravery                    Chance                    
Charisma                   Cirrhosis                  Clairsentience            
Clergy                     Community                  Conformity                
Conjuration                Containment                Contemplation             
Courage                    Creativity                 Darkness                  
Dawn                       Declaration                Delirium                  
Discovery                  Divination                 Dragon                    
Druidism                   Dusk                       Earth                     
Enlightenment              Exploration                Faith                     
Famine                     Fealty                     Fire                      
Fortitude                  Fraud                      Friendship                
Fulfillment                Gain                       Gloom                     
Greed                      Hilarity                   Honor                     
Humility                   Idiocy                     Idolatry                  
Ingenuity                  Irresponsibility           Judgment                  
Kindness                   Knowledge                  Lamentation               
Lethargy                   Life                       Light                     
Love                       Luck                       Management                
Manipulation               Mediums                    Mindfulness               
Miracles                   Mystery                    Order                     
Passion                    Perseverance               Pestilence                
Pleasure                   Plundering                 Pride                     
Rebirth                    Reincarnation              Remembrance               
Reversal                   Sanctuary                  Sanity                    
Secrets                    Serenity                   Servility                 
Sociableness               Sociality                  Solutions                 
Spirit                     Stone                      Strength                  
Success                    Suffering                  Temperance                
Tithing                    Transformation             Transience                
Traveler                   Treachery                  Trespassing               
Tricks                     Truth                      Vagary                    
Vagrancy                   Valor                      Vicarship                 
Victory                    Vigor                      Voraciousness             
Wanderer                   War                        Water                     
Wealth                     Wisdom                     Wonder                    
Youth                      Opulence                   Divinity                  
Reckoning                  Forgery                    Lust                      
Sagacity                   Terra                      Belief                    
Flames                     Flammability               Creation                  
Potency                    Xyzzy                      Arts                      
Harvest                    Courtship                  Mischief                  
Healing                    Fighting                   Magic                     
You have 139 of 348 available Marks.

You have killed:

You have killed a total of 60 bosses, for a total of 1830 practices.

* You have returned 29 crystals to the Crystal Guild, earning 623 quest points, 102 practices and 1812000 experience.
* You have bought 0 pieces of neverwhen equipment for 0 gold, and repaired 0 pieces of neverwhen equipment.
* You have returned 1 y'Goth heads to the y'Goth hunter in Decara.
* You have brought 154 heads to the orc pursuer in Dungeon Wroth.
* You have assembled 21 stat manuals with didactic parchments.
* You have won hangman 4 times and lost hangman 3 times.
* You have 0 folklore.
* You are completed currently retrieving Psiclopalypse, the neurotoxic voulge for a lithe woman wearing a thousand bits of cloth loosely sewn together.

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