Lord Alymar

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First and foremost, since this run is entirely in New Kolvir, it's also entirely CPK, so don't wear anything you aren't willing to lose.

Lord Alymar encounter

From the entrance to New Kolvir, with pass door on, go all east, all north, up, and south. From here, you'll see a three-way fork, southwest, south, and southeast. The southeast path is by far the easiest, with no dizzies and only one silent room. The others feature nomagic and dizzy rooms. However, scan before you move. If there are two or more mobs southeast, you're going to want go a different direction unless your form is at least equal to the number of mobs present. After the first room southeast, however, you can just calm your way through. Remember you can cure light and bard slow in a silent room.

After going southeast, all south, southwest, move south into Lakaros' room. He carries a wooden pestle, the key for Alymar's room, and spawns 241 bombs. Dispel him fully, web him first, then kill him.

Note: Once you kill Lakaros, the exit north will close until repop or the death of Lord Alymar, barring anyone from entering and providing some security.

Go southeast, southwest, then unlock north. You'll see Lord Alymar and General Kahlir waiting. They both cast highly offensive magic, including web and silence. Additionally Kahlir bolts. There are two possible ways to approach this fight. If the two NPCs are not formed, I suggest taking Kahlir out first. TKWave will successfully unform them if you target Kahlir. You will then have a much easier fight with Lord Alymar isolated. If they are formed, go north and dispel and spell up both of them, be sure to curse if you have it. A few notes before the actual combat:

Once they're spelled up, you're pretty much going to just damage/flee Lord Alymar. Timing is everything in this, because if you flee and come back too quickly, you could catch them finishing off web, and be in trouble. You want to go in and either just bash/cast and then flee. Repeat this until Lord Alymar dies, making sure he stays spelled up. On Lord Alymar's death, the wall that previously locked you in will disappear and you are free to leave. You will have to return the same way that you came, because there is no longer any room in New Kolvir from which one can recall or go hall. The only other way out of the area is burying a warpstone in the Martyr's Walk. Be sure to scan to check the repop on the Hall Guards so that you know what you are getting into.

Lord Alymar carries:

General Kahlir carries:

All of these items expire in a month.

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