The Manifestation Of Evil

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Availability: Everyone 30 minutes zone standard.

Recommened 4 very good archons with at least 2 Priest or Shaman healers or 5 people otherwise.


Check reagents, mems and some form of dispel area can be helpful, then head to Hellbent Mountain and recall once inside, if you have a second person or more already there or you are feeling confident solo follow the path:

ne;2s;2e;n;2e;n;w;2n;2w;n;w;n;2w;d;n;e;d;5s;u;e;d;3ne;u;s;e;se;2w;4s;2e;n;ne;e;d;7w;u;s;d;3se;u;w;s;w;sw;s;w;s;d7n;u;w;d;3sw;u;n;w;nw;2e;n;w;nw;2w;d;7e;u;3n;2w;se;sw; 2s;e;2n;d;w;nw;n;2w;3ne;2s;se;4n;2ne;3se;w;s;2e;2se;2w;s:sw;w;d;3e;3n;e;s;se;e;s;2w;s;sw;w;n;w;2sw;s;3w;3n;e;s;2e;2n;w;n;nw;2n;2e;ne;2e;s;e;d;10w;s;2sw;3w;4s (for those using the MUSHclient mapper, it is useful to know that the NPK room this route takes you to is "Outside A Small Cave")

The dream eater

Once there go west into CPK and look for a lit room, this is the eater of dreams it casts high damage Psionic spells and kill as well as dealing pretty hefty melee hits, it is aslo immune to dispel magic spell. Kill it and obtain a translucent key which will drop to floor.

You may also check the dream of better days for a translucent key, to reach it from outside of the eater of dreams cave, head all south, all east, follow path along north, after the down, take the first north and go west (through the wall) follow this path to a 4 way intersection, the dream of better days is a few rooms west, also in CPK, but will die in a few rounds. Again once dead get all from the ground, if you are lucky it will drop a translucent key, and also a silver lining, which can be used to unlock a dream cloud. Should neither method yield a translucent key, you can wait north from the 4 way section before the dream of better days, this area is no magic and also non-PK, so you don't have to worry about other players harassing you.

Note: For the the part past the next door it is mostly outside, as such all the rooms are lit, dark rooms are death traps, be warned.

The pirate king

Once you obtain a translucent key, recall, and say "By the flames of gath, deliver me from this inferno" and enter the portal when it opens, once through drop a gold coin and then look for a hermit, when you find him say "im hungry" and wait he will give you either a lichen or a cracker, keep trying until you get a cracker. Once you have your cracker head back to the gold coin and head north, west, all north, all west, north, nw, ne, unlock south, south, up, east, follow path south, till none pk then head all east take the lit NPK exit NE at the end and then take the first east. South is CPK, the pirate king is S, NE. Go in with your cracker, calm and give Pete the parrot the cracker, he will drop a fuzzy green key if he has one. If not you will need to kill the pirate king until he drops one. The pirate king is pretty easy, breathes poison, deals necromantic hand to hand damage or disease scythe damage, so Faerie tanks are excellent for this.

Note: The cracker is a once a reboot thing, if it has been a long time since reboot don't expect the parrot to have a key so skip that phase.

The druidic zombie

Once you have the green key, head sw, n, w, then follow the path NW all the way to the end (avoiding the dark west which is a death trap), then follow it all SW, this will drop you back onto the first path. You will then need to go back NE and follow the path until a door, unlock this and follow it south, (avoiding dark room death traps on the SW exits) you will run into the druidic zombie, kill this and obtain a tarnished golden key from it. Again it is pretty easy, casts druid spells, watch out for corpses entering the room and forming on it, they can be spooked if needed. When you have the key head west and unlock the next door, follow that until the south, then go west, this will put you outside the manifestation of evil's room, it is also no mob for avoiding hunters. You will need to search to uncover the south and disarm it, it will close and hide at repop or just before letting you time repops.

The manifestation of evil encounter

The fight is pretty straight forward, there is the Manifestation and serpent in the south room, you will need everyone to rest, and apart from 2 tanks, preferable druid or witch tanks, valkyrie's of those classes even better. The tanks can Bathe themselves before going south if they have it, then head south. Everyone else should head south after and heal the serpent tank person, slowing the serpent will help a lot too. The manifestation of evil will need to keep an eye out for paralysis, dispel sanctuary, kill spell combo attack, should you see the tank lose sanctuary have someone flee and recast it on entry, or calm and swap tank (this will of course refocus the serpent onto the manifestation of evil tank as well if it isn't already dead). Until the serpent is dead do not skimp on healing, use your best heals cure light will not cut it, you will also need to watch out for the Manifestation bolting the tank. Once just the manifestation of evil is left the fight is easy, cure light will suffice. If someone has magic dart and casts it every round they can force the manifestation of evil into a counter spelling loop which will negate a large portion of his damage. As death nears it may try to darken the room, so be prepared.

Note: Once dead the loot will drop to floor and you maybe also go try a kill on Hargraven.

The manifestation of evil carries:

Item 'a small black seed' is type seed, alignment 0, made of organic,
has keywords 'seed black'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 1 pebbles, and is valued at 4,502 gp.
This level 120 item has the attributes: identified
A small black seed is in excellent condition.
When buried, after 25 hours, this seed will germinate.
There isn't much to describe about a small, black seed.  

Item 'some black moss' is type pill, alignment 0, made of organic,
has keywords 'black moss'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 2 pebbles, and is valued at 101,557 gp.
This level 220 item has the attributes: identified
Some black moss is in excellent condition.
Contains the level 175 spell of 'summon elemental'.
The black moss is very silky-looking, almost like it is made out of

Item 'a jet bookmark' is type artifact, alignment -1000, made of paper,
has keywords 'jet bookmark mark'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 3 pebbles, and is valued at 8,250 gp.
This level 10 item has the attributes: identified
A jet bookmark is in excellent condition.
This jet bookmark is a simple slip of rigid, glossy paper, shaped like
one of the many obelisks scattered about Alyria.  A tassle of the same color
is looped through the top, providing a convenient reminder of the bookmark's
existence.  Although quite nice, its accompanying book is nowhere to be
found.  Quite odd.  

Item 'a corrupted mammoth's tusk' is type weapon, alignment -966, made of bone,
has keywords 'mammoths tusk corrupted hook', equipped wielded as a weapon.
This item weighs 1 stones and 51 pebbles, and is valued at 130,900 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: identified nodecay no-repair bind-on-take always-equipment-index
A corrupted mammoth's tusk is in excellent condition.
This item has a default lifespan of 272 days and will expire on Sat Mar 12 12:36:34 2011.
Weapon type is hook, does 177 points of necromancy damage for 1 stamina, accuracy 10.
With your knowledge of 'hook', this weapon can cause 91 damage against 0 ar.
Special weapon attributes: sharp
*Your alignment must be less than or equal to -900 to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 4 times and renewed 4 times.
+++ a corrupted mammoth's tusk will, if it affected by 'curse', heal its
wielder by 1% of their total hp and damage its wielder's PC opponent by 1%
of their remaining hp, at a cost of 70st per round. 
+++ a corrupted mammoth's tusk will, in combat, if its wielder's hp is 95%
or above, deal 20-50 necromantic damage to its wielder's PC opponent, at a
cost of 5st per round. 

Item 'a scroll made of leopard skin' is type scroll, alignment 0, made of paper,
has keywords 'leopard skin spell scroll antimagic sphere'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 5 pebbles, and is valued at 28,800 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: nochange enforce-level
A scroll made of leopard skin is in excellent condition.
Contains knowledge of the spell of 'antimagic sphere', scribed at level 180.
This is a magical spell scroll, written by wizards and containing the
instructions on how to perform a magical spell.  Other wizards can 'scribe'
it into their spellbooks and thus learn the spell in order to cast it many
times, or it can be cast directly from the scroll one time if necessary.

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