A Fey Pharmacist

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Location: Mandrake Woods Unseelie Castle
Boss Kill:
Availability: Every few hours
Marks: None


Recommended at least 2 people, one with herbalism is a benefit, 2 other people of any other level can also be helpful to prevent people reaching you, but are not needed if you are careful. The room is no magic, so HP, armor and regen gear is a bonus if you have it.


Check your mems, reagents, and if you are a herbalist some HE and calm mixes can be of use. Then head to Mandrake Woods and go 2 southeast, 2 south, southeast, 2 south, southeast, 2 south, 4 down, 2 south, 6 southwest, south, southwest, 2 south, 5 west, 5 south. This will bring you to Glamdrung, kill him for an iron key to unlock the down.

A Fey Pharmacist encounter

People tanking the fey pharmacist should be careful upon entering the room, because mobs are allowed to attack with "special attacks" now, so the fey can initiate combat with a bite attack which means being paralyzed. The room is also nomagic, so your other members will be unable to heal you. A good idea is to have everyone set their defense to dodge, hoping to block a possible paralytic attack.

Also, anyone who can use calm mixtures can calm the fight and take over tanking should they need to. When you get low, flee heal, and head back in, before sure if you are lead not to drag someone else in if they are healing as you can get them killed, also be warey of the door repoping and locking you in. Once slain the pharmacist will teleport to Unseelie Castle.

Note: If you have 2 helpers (level not important) they can sit 2 north of Glamdrung's room and prevent anyone from reaching you while you kill the pharmacist, giving you a bit more freedom while killing.

Now you and your form must travel to the Faerie Plane Wilderness to complete your run. There are many possibilities for traveling to this destination but we suggest the 'Plane Travel' spell or burying a jasper gemstone for the quickest and least obstructed results. Once their head to Unseelie Castle at the southeast end of the Faerie Plane Wilderness.

Once arriving at the castle, go to the southern entrance of the castle, open the north door and go 3 north, 3 east, north, northwest, west. Here you will find a fey pharmacist, which you were previously fighting but now fully healed. He will cast psionic spells and kill spell, but isn't too hard now that you can heal.


Item 'a fetish of a fey' is type artifact, alignment 200, made of energy,
has keywords 'fetish fey wrist guard', equipped on the wrist.
This item weighs 0 stones and 10 pebbles, and is valued at 62,500 gp.
This level 220 item has the attributes: identified insulated unbreakable
A fetish of a fey is in excellent condition.
Affects spell-points by 60.
Casts the level 110 spell, 'haste'.
You see a curious band of energy glowing brilliantly, enshrouding the
room with shades of blue, white and green.  A comforting warmth spreads
through your system as the colored lights touch your skin, gently washing
away the fatigue.  A remnant of the old age, this item was created by
concentrating the energies that float around the faerie plane to enhance the
wearer's magical abilities.

Note: This can be used for Artificing via Irda Isle Caverns artificing guide.

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