The Village Of Lasler Information

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Helpful information for your time in The Village of Lasler.

During your time in Lasler, you should focus on practicing your main weapons (at least one of each damage type), practicing any and all defense skills you have access to, and practicing at least a couple of offensive and defensive spells if you have them. DO NOT worry about training primary statistics (strength, wisdom, etc) or vitals (hp, sp, st) as your leveling gains are now based off of your MAXIMUM stats. Focus on practicing skills and spells to maximum (75% or 100%), learning how to navigate the game, learning combat and solving marks and mini-quests. It is worth noting that having your primary class stat at 20 or higher increases your chances of double betters when you level, so that stat is worth maxing via equipment (which you probably will not be able to do until you leave Lasler, as there are limited items available).

Please note that you are automatically kicked out of Lasler at Level 15, at which time you will be teleported out of Lasler and will receive two gemstones, one for Towne of Rune and the other for your home town. You will be automatically transported to the main towne for your current class:

Initial Set-Up

Some useful commands to enter when you first create:

Familiarize yourself with some of the most common game commands:

Lasler Marks and Miniquests

Several miniquests and marks exist in The Village of Lasler:

For a visual map of Lasler, go to Choose the Area #2: Savonty's Barbershop for the main Lasler Village map. Recall is shown as a white room with the D in the middle of the title "Shrine of St. Wiseheart".

Lasler Walk-Through

Complete Newbie Guide to Lasler - Warning: Spoiler Alert! Do not read this if you want to discover things on your own!

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