The High Priest Of Maradas

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Availability: Every 15 minutes.

Pretty easy to solo, and easy to camp, CPK rooms on the way so be careful.


Check your mems are ok before going, and restock reagents if you are low.

From a Dark Entryway of the Maradas Temple you will need to locate a Priest of Maradas that has a temple key. You can check all the other priests to make sure no more keys are around if you wish to have a bit more assurance that nobody will try to follow you into the temple PK areas.

Once you have the key you will need to find the southwestern locked doors. Unlock one and enter. You can lock the door behind yourself if you want, the temple key has many uses so don't worry too much about whether or not it will break. Once inside you will need to go down. Here is where it gets tricky because of no-magic dizzy rooms. You may have a difficult time doing this, but you will need to go one room northeast, one room west, and one room northeast again. The sapphire key should repop on the floor in this room. Take the key and go back one room southwest, one room east, and one room southwest again.

Move back up to the main level of the temple and then go south move south one room and then southeast one room. Turn east three rooms and one more northeast. Unlock the north door with the sapphire key and move north. Relock the south and move one room down. Again you may have some trouble following the path because of the no-magic dizzy rooms. Go one room northwest, one room east, and one room northwest again.

Use the temple key to unlock the invisible west door. Prepare yourself for CPK if you're worried about anyone trying to PK you. Move west one room and then north one more room. The northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest corners of this chamber as well as the central room are all CPK. The north, south, east, and west rooms are all no-magic NPK dizzy rooms. You will need to go east (through the wall) to an NPK dizzy room that appears to have no exits. Head north and you should find yourself at a Holy Sanctuary of Maradas. This is a safe room. Also note that if you can track it is easiest to find this room if you track a carrion crawler. Another thing to note is that once you have gotten to this room you will not be able to go back the way you came in.

The High Priest of Maradas encounter

From the Holy Sanctuary of Maradas go one room south, one room southeast, one more room south, and one room southwest. Then go one more room south, and one room east to find the Altar to Maradas where the High Priest of Maradas should be. He's not very powerful but he does summon elementals. Dispel him, and then spell him up. Flash bombs make the elementals easier to deal with as the flash bomb can blind all the elementals at the same time rather than having to use your spell points to blind them individually.

When you are ready to leave the area, follow the path west and south until you pop back out into the towne of Xaventry.

The High Priest of Maradas carries:

Item 'a holy symbol of Maradas' is type ankh, alignment 500, made of admantite,
has keywords 'holy symbol Maradas', equipped around the neck.
This item weighs 0 stones and 11 pebbles, and is valued at 31,500 gp.
This level 120 item has the attributes: identified invis no-auction insulated magic-resistant will-float
A holy symbol of Maradas is in excellent condition.
Affects wisdom by 2.
Casts the level 118 spell, 'enhanced strength'.
*This item may be repaired 5 times.
This holy symbol has been carved out of heavy and tough admantite and
been made in the form to please the elemental Maradas.  The symbol is
generally spherical with a tiny hairline crack down its side.  Usually the
symbol is only given to high priests of the religion, but occasionally a
non-worshipper gets their hands on this and uses Maradas's power.

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