The High Priestess Of Vandyne

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Availability: Every 15 minutes.

Pretty easy to solo, and easy to camp, CPK rooms on the way so be careful.


Check your mems are ok before going, and restock reagents if you are low. Make sure you are levitating and your form of levitation will not wear off anytime soon. Area around Priestess requires levitation to move around and is anti-magic. You can be stuck if it wears off in one of those rooms.

From the Mighty Fountain of Life go one room east and two rooms south. Turn east five rooms and northwest one room. Go up and then one room southwest, and two more rooms east, then up again two rooms. You should be in an NPK room named At The Peak. You will need to be levitating to go further. Search to reveal another exit up.

Go up and then prepare yourself for CPK if you think anyone might try to PK you. Move northeast into the dizzy room and dispel it if you can either with dispel area, a negation orb, or something similar. Go one room west and after a few seconds you should be teleported to an NPK dizzy hallway. This hallway can be tricky to navigate and very frustrating especially if someone is trying to chase you to PK.

Use the scan skill to determine how far you are from the eastern end of the hallway. Once you reach the east end of the hallway wait a few seconds and you should be teleported once again.

You should find yourself in a room named The Garden of Paradise.

The High Priestess of Vandyne encounter

From here go two rooms southeast and you should find the High Priestess of Vandyne. She is highly energy resistant and has the sanctuary spell affect so you will need to dispel her or you won't be able to get too many negative spells to land on her. Though it will be hard to dispel her it is possible. She's also immune to poison, but she can be weakened and cursed. Also note that because you won't be able to poison her she will regenerate fairly quickly outside of combat so it will be a little harder to solo her due to this. She casts priest spells, tremor, blindness, plague, poison, etc. She can not be webbed however.

Once you are finished in the area, go nw, west a few times, then any direction and spam until you pop back out into town.

The High Priestess of Vandyne carries:

Item 'a holy symbol of Vandyne' is type ankh, alignment 0, made of palladium,
has keywords 'holy symbol Vandyne', equipped around the neck.
This item weighs 0 stones and 20 pebbles, and is valued at 38,500 gp.
This level 120 item has the attributes: identified invis no-auction insulated magic-resistant
A holy symbol of Vandyne is in excellent condition.
Casts the level 60 spell, 'sanctuary'.
Casts the level 63 spell, 'bless'.
*This item can no longer be repaired.
The holy symbol of Vandyne is a circular emblem with the four elements on
the edges and a bright crystal studded light in the center.  Anyone who
follows the religion of Vandyne should definitely be in possession of one
of these items for it grants the wearer significant holy power.  The emblem
is a present from the element itself, and probably was made somewhere on the
ethereal plane.  

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