The High Priest Of Dira

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Availability: Every 15 minutes.

Pretty easy to solo, and easy to camp, CPK rooms on the way so be careful.


Check your mems are ok before going, and restock reagents if you are low.

Head to the towne of Xaventry and locate the room Entrance of the Dira Temple on the west side of town. You should find a stone golem there. Kill the golem for the obsidian key. Make sure you have levitation on you, as most of the area is no-magic, and you will get stuck if you lose levitation.

Next you will need to locate one of the Dira Priests that wander around the outer and inner parts of the temple, they sometimes hang around safe rooms. You will need to kill the priest for the ceramic key or steal it from them, your choice. After you have both keys go back to the Entrance of the Dira Temple where you killed the stone golem and move seven rooms south and one west to find a locked door north. Unlock the door with the obsidian key. Go north and up to the Top of the Stone Pillar.

Move east one room and then three rooms north to find the second locked door. Unlock the north door with the ceramic key. Prepare yourself for CPK at this point and remember that you will need to be levitating. Move north and you should be teleported after a few moments into a dizzy CPK room. You will be teleported to a no-exit CPK room named 'Fear'. Move southwest into a dizzy room named 'Greed'. From this room, you need to get to another no-exit CPK room called 'Pride'. If you move into 'Fear' again, just move back southwest and try again. Once in 'Pride', move southwest again to another dizzy room and move until you get to the next no-exit CPK room called 'Hatred'. From this room, move north to 'Sorrow'. Wait in this room and you should be teleported again after a few moments into an NPK room named Nirvana. Check out our invasion map of the towne of Xaventry for a visual look at this area, as it can be confusing.

The High Priest of Dira encounter

Move one room west and you should find the High Priest of Dira. Most of this area is no-magic with the exception of a single CPK room. From the Secluded Shrine of Dira where the High Priest of Dira is located you will need to go one room east. Turn northwest one room and then southwest one room. Go one more room west and one room south to find the CPK room where you can cast magic. This room is where you will need to go to heal yourself or cast any other spells if you need to, but remember that it is a CPK room so be careful if anyone else is in the area so as not to be CPK'd.

The High Priest of Dira is not particularly hard to kill just attack normally and flee when you need to heal and run to the CPK room quickly, heal up, and return to beat on the High Priest some more until he's dead. Once he is dead and/or you are finished in the area you can leave by going one room east from the Secluded Shrine of Dira. Turn northwest one room and southwest one room. Then move three rooms west to the Room of Air Flow. From this room go one room southeast and one room northeast. You should find yourself back in the towne of Xaventry. You can move seven rooms east to get outside to the wild.

The High Priest of Dira carries:

Item 'a holy symbol of Dira' is type ankh, alignment 250, made of silver,
has keywords 'holy symbol dira', equipped around the neck.
This item weighs 0 stones and 20 pebbles, and is valued at 35,500 gp.
This level 120 item has the attributes: identified invis no-auction insulated magic-resistant will-float
A holy symbol of Dira is in excellent condition.
Affects wisdom by 2.
Casts the level 118 spell, 'haste'.
Casts the level 118 spell, 'bless'.
*This item may be repaired 5 times.
This holy symbol is of Dira, the element of air.  Typically the Dira
worshippers spend a lot of time involved in the mental plane of thought, so
this object probably has some sort of charm on it that relates to that. 
Dira's religion teaches peace and inner strength, unlike the rest which
mostly promote the strength of the physical or spiritual being instead.  

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