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Fatlegs can be found all west on Market Street then north, northwest.

 A Colorful Storefront                                  -      -      -
(-------------------------------------------------)     - <---(M)---> -
                                                        -      -     SE

  Bits of tattered, dyed palm fronds wave in the breeze here, a strange
sight, since palm trees are not native to Xaventry.  However, they seem more
ornamental than functional, celebratory of the storefront that has been
erected here.  The rough, simultaneously slipshod and overwrought
construction methods are pure ogre.  However, the decoration isn't the only
indicator.. it seems that this ogre construction worker forgot a way to
actually get into the store.  
A big ogre stands here, with a bored, dull look on his face.

Simply have a wooden token in your inventory and sayto Fatlegs which destination you wish to be fired at.

Item 'a wooden token' is type archon-token, alignment 100, made of wood,
has keywords 'ogre wooden token'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 3 pebbles, and is valued at 20,625 gp.
This level 25 item has the attributes: blessed enforce-level no-sac no-auction insulated will-float
A wooden token is in excellent condition.
This small wooden token seems to have some significance, although it is not
readily apparent what.  It looks and feels and smells like a cross-section
of a sapling, but something about it feels wrong.  An oversized thumbprint
is in the center, as if identifying who did this.  It's fat, almost as deep
as it is wide, and a bit rounded at the edges.  The bark still hangs onto
the sides, but the rest of this disc is fairly smooth, with only a few odd
grooves around the edges to mar the surface.  

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