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Availability: Once an Alyrian day. Jojo and Whompfish cannot both be completed the same day.

Another fairly quick run, requires at least one Hero or Archon ogre to be in form. The run is limited to players level 181 to 240, with the exception of ogres who can attempt at any level.


Before heading to Ogre Village you will need:

Then check the usual stuff, reagents and spell mems, be sure to mem underwater breathing or have an item that casts it.

Whompfish encounter

Recall to Bentnose: s;se;s;s;sw;s;sw;sw;s;e;ne;ne;9se;4sw;s;sw;w;sw;s;sw;s;se;s;se;s;s;se

On the bridge on the way to Bentnose, kill the tentacle using either bash or magic damage. It's immune to energy, slash and pierce. He can paralyze you, so be careful. Go into the deeper part of Ogre Village, and kill Bentnose (be sure not to blind him, as he'll prevent fleeing). Now, with an ogre as the formation leader, go to Crashtree in the northwest corner of the village area and enter the forest.

All form members are going to want underwater breathing. The ogre leading the formation can only take one member at a time, so be patient. Follow this path until you're in a CPK room. Drop the rope, then the fish hook, and wait. The Whompfish will come, and you'll have to kill him. He has a variety of form-damaging attacks, and can silence anyone in the form. The emphasis should be on keeping the tank, and everyone, healed.

Possibly random but encounter on May-28-11 Whompfish was immune to bash and energy.

Whompfish carries:

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