Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre

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To release Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre, you must first release, and kill the Archbishops of the various powers in the Towne of Xaventry. This is done by activating 7 stone markers in the no magic dizzy rooms. Dispel area the first room (all the others are no magic) and spam a direction until you reach a marker, open it, and put its corresponding reagent in (it tells you what the right one is, if you try and put the wrong one in). The marker will close, and hum.


The usual routine, spell mems, reagents, timepieces or dispelling weapons. Having someone to take bolts who has a parry magic weapon or reflect magic item can help a lot. MM'd healing items and dispel orbs help too.

Archbishops encounter

The directions to the markers are as follows (note: All directions begin from the recall fountain in the Towne of Xaventry town square).

Air: east, 7 south, 13 east, 6 north, east north Water: east 7, south, 2 east, north Fire: north, 3 east, 9 north, east Earth: north, 3 east, 10 north, 6 west, 3 north, 2 west, south Gem: 1 east, 16 south, 2 west, south Ethereal: north, 12 west, 5 south, east Astral: north, 12 west, north, west Once you've activated each marker you will get the string 'An enormous CRREEEAaAKKK? echoes through town, the sound of a magical prison weakening.' and the archbishops appear at recall, complain for a while, then make a portal and leave. You can either follow them through this portal, or walk to 'Ascending into the Light' room in the Vandyne temple. Archbishops: a form of 5-7.

It's suggested, but not required, that you have a psionic disarm them (though this can take a long time), as they seem to do more damage with their weapons. The main requirement for killing them is having 2 or more druids to take some of the focus off the tank. The Gath archbishop firebolts, and the Ithrillis ice bolts, so having them on 2 different tanks helps a lot. Dispel curse and faerie fire Maradas, Ithrillis, Gath and Dira (Vandyne is protected until you kill the other four), and have the tank attack Dira, and the druids immediately ooze evoke off Gath and Ithrillis. Once one of them dies, which shouldn't take long, as they don't have a lot of hp, it becomes dramatically easier, and when you have killed all 4, Vandyne will attack you. Dispel him, then spell him up, and hes pretty easy compared to four of them. Once he is dead you'll hear Reztreal 'A weak, throaty voice yells 'I'm free, and when I regain my strength, you shall be destroyed!', pick up Archbishop's zucchetto, and spine of the condemned, and off you go to Shadow Castle.

Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre encounter

Reztreal, the elemental spectre is resistant to: magic weapon pierce slash fire cold energy
Reztreal, the elemental spectre is immune to: summon charm bash poison disease necromantic petrification
Reztreal, the elemental spectre is vulnerable to: fire cold holy earth
* 'Sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'Haste', cast at level 350.

Suggested that you find a form of 7-9 Archons. Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre spawns in an area below the mob with the ring of fortitude (from recall all north, all west, north search for a hidden door then all east search for a hidden down) and you need the Brick from the master assassin to unlock the hidden east door. Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre will occasionally cast antimagic sphere, which needs to be dispelled, as he is a no flee mob, and can also cast through it. His room, and the room northwest of him is Low-regen, so if you need to rest, do so at the top of those stairs.

Note: Make sure to trunk the bricks, as Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre will frag them.

While fighting Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre, there will be two tanks, the person tanking his physical attacks, and the person who he targets for bolts. The designated bolt tanker needs to sit while everyone goes in, so that they enter the room LAST and are targeted by the bolts. Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre does energy physical damage, so it also helps if the person tanking his attacks has a bascinet.

Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre is dispellable by dispelling weapons (wraths, div axes), and if you, can dispel his sanctuary without dispelling his haste, as his regen is extremely high. If you do dispel his haste, make sure someone keeps him hasted throughout the whole fight in order to lower his regen. Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre has a lot of hp, so you'll probably need to fight him for about 20-30 minutes, making sure to keep him cursed, faerie fired and hasted the whole time.

When his hp gets low (vomiting-paling) he will randomly teleport to somewhere in Shadow Castle, you need to find him quickly, or he will regen. Once you find him, fight him the same as last time (bolt tank entering last), and when he gets to clinging, he will teleport randomly again (often to the maze). This is his last disappearing trick, and when you find him, he's almost dead. When he is slain, he vanishes.

Reztreal, The Elemental Spectre carries:

Note: an elemental sphere awards the Mark of Tenacity

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