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A little advice for returning Archons...

RECENT CHANGE: All Spectral auras and amulets of spell delivery now last indefinitely - you are no longer required to renew them after a year. This is especially attractive for returning players, as it gives them a chance to get back into the game without the commitment of donating immediately if they are unsure how long they will play for.

If you have any questions about the game, feel free to send me a tell on Erithiaen or Saskia, or use the pray function/send a tell to one of our awesome guides.

General Archon Gear - loosely organised from lowest to highest armor. Many of these items are cheap and easy to obtain, even those with very solid armor resistance.

Expensive items are marked with $ (1mil gp+), $$ (4mil gp+) or $$$ (10mil gp+). You can purchase items by searching the Alyrian Bazaar in-game, buying via the Auction channel, or reading/posting in the Classifieds section of the Forums (

The alternative, of course, is teaming up with some current archons and going on runs to gain the more expensive gear. There are a number of good basic archon items in New Kolvir, which have been specifically marked NK, as it's CPK with aggressive mobs - taking an archon friend or two is advised, and making use of your Vandemaar's Trunk or magical belt pouch. OS means old stat, as many of the items in the game have had their stats changed over the years.

To see a more detailed description of each item, their current stats and where to find them, please visit Clan Annwn's site is the most comprehensive current database of items, and many other aspects of the game, such as quests, skills and spells.

<used as light> an eye of a kraken, a glowing halo of light (now expires), the crystal of power $ (Level 200 version, or Level 220)

<worn on finger, 2 slots> a ring of wizardry, the ring of the dead, the ring of the serpent, a ring of spell turning $$$

<worn on finger, DONATION > the Ring of Lord Agrippa

<worn around neck, 2 slots> the amulet of champions, a web of lies (Monk only), a holy symbol of Vandyne, a holy symbol of Dira, a sigil of restraint, a dragon tear necklace (NK), an onyx dragonfly pendant, a faceted garnet pendant, a heart-shaped amulet $$. Some people use a beautiful amulet of white marble, but with the favor of a high priest of Vandyne (4 Reward Units) used on it to make it insulated and no-decay.

<worn around neck, DONATION> an amulet of spell delivery

<worn on body> a set of overlord amor, a breastplate of life, a robe of control, an admantite breastplate (NK), the chestplate of Bentnose (Ogre only), a seashell breastplate $$, Suzarra's breastplate $$$, an alpaca poncho (have to do a mini in Smuggler's Gulch to obtain this, is cheap and has great armor)

<worn on head> a dragon jaw helmet, a seashell-covered helm (excellent armor, about 500k gp), a pair of brass spectacles $, a polished steel bascinet $$, the helm of Divusmors (normal $, lightning-resistance $$$ rare)

<worn over face, DONATION> the Mask of Lord Bloodbane

<worn on legs> the leggings of an elder dragon, a pair of yeti hide leggings, a set of admantite legplates (NK), a polished seashell garter

<worn on feet> the boots of the fish, the boots of shame, boots of resistance, boots of heightened resistance $$

<worn on hands> moonstone gauntlets, the gloves of alchemy, the claws of a dracolich, Veldra's silken gloves

<worn on arms> a pair of green dragonscale sleeves, mithril armplates (NK), a baldric band $, the scaly sleeves of a green dragon $$$

<worn as shield> the shield of war, a circular mirror shield (obtained from archon hunters)

<worn over shoulder> black/blue/green/yellow/red quiver, obtainable from shops

<worn on wings, 2 slots> griffon wings, a gargoyle's vestigial wing, palladium wing armor (Quest Item), a piece of mithril wing armor, the elder vampire's wing $, a demon’s wing $

<worn about body> Yourban's soul (level 200, $), a lava robe, flowing red robes, the cape of terror $, an Uzbaki cloak $ (Psionic only), Huruk's soul $$$, Jhepp's soul (Members of Player-Killing Clans can purchase one for 500qp at Baron Nezak, the Decara Archon-only questmaster, which lasts for 2 weeks. A normal Jhepp's would cost around 20 mil gp), a shroud of stars (non-wizard, non-bard)

<worn around body, DONATION> a spectral aura

<worn about waist> the belt of pain, a Belt of the Red Hand, a seashell belt, a sturdy steel codpiece (Player-Killing clan only)

<worn on tail> a ceramic tailguard (Quest Item), Syrazic's tail coil

<worn around wrists, 2 slots> a fetish of a fey, Lasha's hero bracelet, a tooth bracelet, the deathhead bracelet, bracelet of the elements

Bard Instruments: magical bagpipes, a set of dracon cymbals, a shakey egg, a well-crafted violin (non-CPKable, Quest Item), a hand carved-viola $

Main Weapons:
Axe: a butcher's axe, the broadaxe of ultimate evil $, the axe of Ironheart $$
Bow: a lightning bow (from Archon hunters), a ninja crossbow
Dagger: the hellstorm dagger, an iron stiletto, a stiletto called ‘Kiss of Death’
Flail: a flail of fire, Heaven's Wrath (NK, dispelling), a black marble flail, the flail of shame
Lance: the lance of law, racial lances from Opta Dashi in Templeton $, the blessed lance of Decara $$$, the seraphic lance of Decara $
Magical-Wand: a vortex wand (from Archon hunters), a seashell wand, a twisted holly wood wand (Quest Item), a jade figurine of a dragon (Quest Item or $$$)
Spear: a spear of bone breaking, a stalwart pilum of the wind $, a vitriolic naginata NK $ (Valkyrie-only, requires a mark), a spikebit of the rapacious garbanzo/ganza, the bloody spear of Graalg (obtained from CPK area, is dispelling, requires faction points to wear)
Sword: the Demented's Blade, the sword of uncalling $, a shortsword named 'Ardor' $
Two-Handed Sword: an ice-covered broadsword (from Archon hunters), the mighty sword of Azathoth $, Excalibur
Two-Handed Axe: the gigantic axe of souls, a giant seashell-covered axe (both Barbarian only and non-Barbarian versions available)

Important Affects:
Haste (rangers can cast the spell whirlwind)
Detect Invisibility
Stone Skin
Improved Invisibility
Levitation (important if in an area with earthquakes)

Helpful Optional Affects:
Sense Life (n.b. is no longer a bard song)
Pass Door
Enhanced Strength
Bless (if using a holy symbol of Vandyne or Dira you should have this)
Death grip

For extra armor: Combat Blink, Elemental Shield (scroll $$$$$$), Shadow Armor, Aegis

For additional ideas on equipment at Archon or Hero check out our Level 240 and 241 Gear Guide.


Archons can purchase additional armor called 'neverwhen' items, with completely random affects and spells on them, at the Wandering Sidhe which moves regularly between Rune, Sigil, Lowangen, Arcane, Rahdiyr (Faerie Plane) and Irda Isle (just before the Proving Grounds). Here is the schedule (game-time):

The Wandering Sidhe

 12 am - Irda                 12 pm - Lowangen          
  4 am - Rahdiyr               4 pm - Rune                  
  8 am - Arcane                8 pm - Sigil 

Find 'one of Kalan's employees' on the top floor (head all up, south, west and northeast through the wall) and give him 100k-500k gp, and he will give you a random armor slot item or weapon. You can also use payroll stubs, obtained from daily rewards and boss kills. Alternatively, you can 'prefer' a certain slot by telling him which one you prefer, and giving him 1mil gp. The armor resistance/usefulness of the item is said to scale by the amount you give him. Neverwhen armor is particularly useful if you have some spare cash and have an armor slot that is lacking. There is also a mark for spending 20 mil gp. The equipment binds to its owner, so it is often used as CPK gear. Please note that the the room you enter to buy the gear has walkthrough exits (not visible for fleeing), is CPK, AND snare-able, so proceed with EXTREME caution- I recommend visiting when on Irda Isle or in Rahdiyr as the WHO zones are easily identified.

Archon Hunters:

You’ll be glad to hear that hunters are more difficult, albeit much more interesting, as they were altered to be more 'intelligent' with their choice of spells and the like. They can also emote damage, although this is rare and mostly for high-level archons.

The major differences you'll find are:

- archon tokens are now bound to the archon who rifted the hunter, before it is defeated;
- hunters now send a tell one minute before they rift, so you have time to wear a warding amulet if you are unable to fight it at the time;
- hunters can't be rifted away temporarily anymore with a warding amulet;
- they can rift and join the form of the NPC with whom you are already in combat.

Ethereal hunters are now best dispelled with a 'timepiece', an item purchased from a wandering NPC called Thillius the Damned, for about two million gold. You need certain spells practiced to purchase one, which is determined by your Mage class - you can look up the requirements by searching for timepiece in the Annwn item database. Alternatively, dispelling weapons can take a bit longer to dispel their ethereal form, however are still effective and a much cheaper option.

Summoner hunters can no longer be blinded via flash bomb, however most of the elementals they summon can be blinded using this method.

Check out our detailed guide to fighting hunters and depositing tokens on our Archon page.

Notable changes:

The 'Armor Change'
As opposed to the previous 75 armor maximum, armor resistance is now spread out to a 100 armor max for the same reduction in damage. For this reason, +armor gear is much more important now. In returning to the game, try to get your armor as close to 100 as possible (when fully spelled-up). This can take a while to collect the right gear, but don't despair - there are many current archons who are willing to lend a hand with gearing your character, or sell you some armor to help you reach the max.

If you enter an area that is 'underwater' now (notable examples are Atlantis and the Pirate's Cove route to the Kraken), you must equip or cast both 'underwater breathing' and 'levitation' before you enter the water. Sidhes and feys must have these spells on them, as well as the added 'bubble cluster', in order to stop taking damage. Common items with 'underwater breathing' are ceramic seashell bracelets from Xaventry and the amulet of champions from Pirate's Cove. There is also a Quest Item with all of these spells on it called a bracelet set with white moonstones.

All major bosses in the game are now marked with a red [BOSS] tag, and grant practices, LOADS of experience (making 4th class leveling a breeze) and random-drop 'boss loot' items. The amount of practices you receive directly correlates to the number of bosses you have killed: so for your first boss, you'll receive 1 practice, second will be 2 practices, and so on. There are over 130 bosses in the game, and this is an extremely effective way to gain practices (up to 10,000 practices available) - particularly as a returning player, as you will most likely have some newly introduced skills and/or spells. Once you start getting boss kills, you can see a record of the bosses you have killed by purchasing 'a personal log' from any Quest Master, equipping it, and typing ‘use log bosses’. You can also view bosses in your current area with this log by typing 'use log available'. Note: 'use log bosses' & 'use log available' generate "That functionality is available as part of the boss command: BOSS KILLED / BOSS WHERE.

Get started with Boss kills by checking out our Bosses for Beginners guide, as well as our master Boss List and Archon class runs.

New Race and Class!
Sahuagin (shark-like race) and Knave (thief class) have arrived! Both are a lot of fun to play - I'd recommend trying them out in the new and improved Lasler to see what you're missing out on.

Class and Race Remort Tokens
Bought with Reward Units, you can now change your character's Race and/or one or more Classes. This is especially helpful if you feel your path is lacking in the current game, or just for a bit of a change.

Daily Rewards
Check in once daily at each of the town squares of New Rigel, Sigil, Tellerium and Xaventry and sayto tour yes to receive your reward for playing. There is a fairly large range of rewards - you may just get lucky! One of the more regular rewards, bars (silver, gold, electrum etc), when in your inventory, can be exchanged for cash at any banker with the command sayto bank exchange.

Spells and Skills
Many new and exciting spells and skills have been introduced over the years. You can view them as sorted by class here: and at NEW SKILLS AND SPELLS INFO.

Check out our live-updated GMCP enabled Magic Map which contains visual maps of virtually every area in the game:

Written by Erithiaen the Llama of Clan Timeworn.

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