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Cleric Class Information

The tables on each class page give a basic guide on the skills and spells of that class. The Practice To column is based on advice from players who have played that class for an extended period of time. Take everything with a grain of salt, and keep in mind that you do not have to follow this guides exactly. If your experience using a skill or spell varies greatly from what is described, please add your evaluation to the Extra Info column, or add a special note at the bottom of this page under Additional Information.

Nature-based Cleric class, capable of drawing upon the elements themselves to attack and protect themselves. They lack some basic Cleric spells such as Cure Light and Cure Blindness, and gain many offensive spells in return. As such, Druids synergize with Paladin and Monk very well.

Standard Cleric class. They have Augment Aura, a spell which increases damage, as well as Channel Faith, a nice elemental attack based on their chosen religion, and Word of Recall, an amazing spell.

Similar to a priest, but a little more offensive in nature. They are the only Cleric class to give bash and enhanced damage as proficiencies. They also have Desecrate Armor and Elemental Shield, both good and unique spells.

Debuff masters. If you have it, a witch can take it away from you. They can summon imps and blood-strengthened golems and generally mess you up. They lose the ability to heal themselves out of combat and to cure anything. Purely offensive, but synergizes well with Paladins and Monks.

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