Warp-Stone Guide

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Table of warp-stones, their destinations and method of use:

an amethyst gemstone       
an beryl gemstone       
A black moonstone10The Towne of Xaventry - Lady UndyaEither active worldgate0YesNo
a chattering skull stolen from a pirate241??Creaky Wooden Dock in Great Alyrian Underground??????
A diamond gemstone10Irda Isle - The Baron Simon BloodbaneDimly-Lit Corridor in The Proving Grounds3YesYes
A garnet gemstone10Runic Castle - Lord AgrippaThe Central Hallway in Runic Castle3YesYes
A grinning skull?Random - Scatter itemEthereal Void in Ethereal Void1NoYes
A jasper gemstone10Random - Scatter itemAn Open Meadow in Faerie Plane Wilderness3YesYes <= level 75
A pair of alchemists' gloves241Unseelie Castle - An Unseelie artificerBehind the Throne in Mount Vesuvius1YesYes
an opal gemstone       
a perfect prism 10  A Subterranean Entrance in Rune Forest   yes <= lvl 60
A peridot gemstone186The Towne of New Rigel - A Spun Silver Crown miniquestBase of the Spire in Tower of Art1NoYes
A ruby gemstone10Tellerium - Lord TelleriTown Square in Tellerium3YesYes
A sapphire gemstone10Sigil - Lord VendrediRiver Entrance at City Wall in Sigil3YesYes
A striped agate gemstone205Random - A demented druidA Ring of Tall Standing Stones in The Towne of Xaventry1NoYes
A tiger's eye gemstone10The Towne of New Rigel - Lord VashirNorth Gate in The Towne of New Rigel3YesYes
An emerald gemstone10Archon Hunter MastersThe Commons of The Blue Hen in The Towne of Xaventry3YesYes
[[An admission ticket to the Preacher of Excess' Palace of Delight]      
Grat's Puzzle Box240Human Outpost - Grat the StorytellerAn Open Meadow in Faerie Plane Wilderness2NoYes

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