The New Kolvir Blademaster

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Availability: Standard zone repop of around 45 minutes.

Recommended to have 4 people at least, outlaws and negatively aligned people have a high chance of dying.


Minimal preparation is required, mems since you are in CPK and reagents, then head to New Kolvir. From the entrance head all east, all north (with pass door on), up, south to fountain, spell up, look SE and check to see how many guards there are, if more than 2, you will need to try slow them and cure light spam the tank as it is a silence room and no throwing. Once cleared go back NW heal up.

The New Kolvir blademaster encounter

When ready have the tank go SE, NE (through the wall) and then the rest of the form follow, have bards try to slow him, he will disarm musical instruments so you will need to keep re-equiping them. Have a saint cast faerie fire, irritation, and any other spells that land easy. Note that each cast will drop that person out of combat and they will re-join combat the next round. No one can heal the tank with spells, items such as werewolf canines and MM'd items usually are fine, but spells will result in people dying, after the initial buffing casting should be avoiding. Once the tank gets low on HP they need to cast a spell like cure light to drop out of combat and immediately move SW, then go NW and heal before coming back. Outlaws and negatively aligned people should avoid tanking or casting at all costs as the blademaster will slay them. To make sure of this if you have any in form have a saint cast a spell to drop out of combat and re-enter before the main tank leaves so that they take over tanking.

Once dead it is good practice to go kill Lord Alymar and wait in his sealed off area in the no-magic until it unseals at repop, this lets you wait in safety and tell you when repop is.

The New Kolvir blademaster carries:

You focus your powers of observation on a phased yataghan:
Item 'a phased yataghan' is type weapon, alignment 0, made of steel,
has keywords 'subtle curve long sword phased hilt yataghan', equipped wielded as a weapon.
This item weighs 0 stones and 28 pebbles, and is valued at 34,900 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: identified magic-resistant no-rent no-steal
A phased yataghan is in excellent condition.
This item has a default lifespan of 60 days and will expire on Wed Jun 16 18:29:46 2010.
Weapon type is two-handed-sword, does 225 points of slash damage for 4 stamina, accuracy 14.
With your knowledge of 'two-handed sword', this weapon can cause 105 damage against 0 ar.
Special weapon attributes: vorpal
Affects ar-torso by 5.
*Your class must be equal to wizard to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 7 times and renewed 4 times.
This sharp weapon has been hewn to an unimaginably efficient peak, so sharp
that it can cleave magic from its anchor.  It is slightly bent, towards its
foe, opposite the tact of a scimitar, and relatively light for its size. 
The blade is skinny and dangerous, and the hilt is made of simple wood,
adorned only by the engraved symbol of an unknown order at its base.  
+++ a phased yataghan will increase the rate at which its wearer battle
rages by 100%.

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