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In Materia Magica there are 5 distinct Religions that a character may choose between: Vandyne, Ithrilis, Maradas, Dira and Gath. Each religion is comprised of a variety of deities, each of which has an NPC Clergy representative somewhere in the game. The specific deity that you choose to follow has no impact on your religion as it relates to actual game play - it is purely for role playing purposes only. Each religion comes with 3 spells which are only available to use at Archon level 241, with the exception of the spell Channel Faith, a mediocre offensive damage spell granted to Priests and Shamans who join a religion.


Casting religion spells is dependent on two things: 1. your religion's current benevolence and 2. your character's current piety. Each religion spells requires a certain amount of benevolence in order to be able to cast it. Your character's piety counts as a 1:1 ratio towards benevolence calculations. For example, if my religion currently has 150 benevolence, but I have 100 piety, I will be able to cast any religion spell that requires up to 250 total benevolence.

Benevolence is increased and decreased during weekly Religion Battles. This activity is mostly for Archons as it involves PK in the Sigil Underground. To view the game's current benevolence for each religion, type "religion" outside of social. Note: you can only see benevolence once you have joined a religion.

Available Religions:
1 ) Vandyne (Ether) [POWER]                     [17% (Unbalanced)]
  [ -40 Benevolence]
2 ) Maradas (Earth) [POWER]                     [26% (Greatly Unbalanced)]
  [ 510 Benevolence]
3 ) Ithrilis (Water) [POWER]                    [19% (Balanced)]
  [ 190 Benevolence]
4 ) Gath (Fire) [POWER]                         [19% (Balanced)]
  [ 145 Benevolence]
5 ) Dira (Air) [POWER]                          [17% (Unbalanced)]
  [  45 Benevolence]
*Mariquesh, the clerical coordinator has designated the next time at which the
the Powers' Archon followers will do battle: 03:00 pm Sun 01/29/12
*You are a follower of Ina, Overseer of the Western Sea. (Water),
and have been since Wed May 26 18:43:49 2010.
If you wish to change religions, it will require a tithe of [500] tourmalines,
unless you decide to follow Vandyne or a deity associated with it, as it is
seeking to grow its ranks and thus does not require a tithe at this time.
Type 'HELP RELIGION' for more information.

Your current piety is visible in your score once you have joined a religion.

* You are a follower of Ina, Overseer of the Western Sea. (84 Piety)

Choosing your character's religion depends on a couple of simple variables. Each of the 5 religions offer unique spells that offer the chance for you to diversify your character's utility in different ways. You might choose a religion to help "fill in the gaps" or weaknesses of your character's classpath, or conversely to play up one of your classpath's strengths. For this reason, we recommend waiting until you know your character's classpath well enough to make an informed decision about which religion's spells will benefit your character the most. Take some time to read the help file for each spell/skill, and compare it to how well it would fit within your character's classpath.

For example: Kaczia is a Dwarf Barbarian, Druid, Monk, Bard. Her classpath lacks the skill SNARE. She enjoys PK sometimes, and is often in PK rooms, so having an ability like snare would be useful in both offensive and defensive situations. Therefore, she chose to join the Ithrilis religion to gain the skill Quicksand, which acts similarly to snare.


Once you have come to a decision about which religion you would like to join, the next step is to identify a deity for that religion. See our Religion - Powers guide for locations of each deities and clergy member. NPCs who are clergy will have a yellow [CLERGY] tag in front of their name when you look in the room. Look at that NPC for detailed information about which religion and deity he/she represents. Not all deities are easy to get to, in fact some are found on difficult runs and in CPK. Remember, your deity has no impact on how your religion effects game play.

Once you have located the NPC [CLERGY] for the deity and religion of your choice, visit that NPC and look at it to verify it is the correct religion/deity. When ready, simply type: religion follow deity. For example: religion follow Ina. Upon following a religion, you will be granted the Mark of Divinity.

Each religion comes with access to 3 different religion spells. Below is a list from the game's help religion file of each religion's spells, and the required benevolence to cast it. Be sure to read the in-game help file for each spell.

 Religious spells are granted to followers of religions. Each religion
 grants its followers three spells that can be classified into three
 groups: defensive, offensive, and utility. The spells deal directly
 with the primal energies of the Power.

 Each spell requires the religion's Power to possess a certain amount
 of Benevolence, as well as personal Piety, in order for followers
 to be able to cast them.

 These spells are practicable by the trainers near the High Priests
 in the Towne of Xaventry in Sepharia.

 monument - bring a statue to life.
    - Requires 135 Benevolence + Piety.
 landslide - shifts the ground beneath an opponent's feet, knocking them in
   the direction specified.
    - Requires 180 Benevolence + Piety.
 megalith - creates a massive barrier to block a room's exit.
    - Requires 225 Benevolence + Piety.

 bathe - heals another player's damage over time.
    - Requires 135 Benevolence + Piety.
 waterspout - propels the caster through an exit, causing damage to
   all enemies in the area on the way
    - Requires 180 Benevolence + Piety.
 quicksand - prevents all movement away from the affected room.
    - Requires 225 Benevolence + Piety.
 air blast - sends an enemy flying with a violent airburst.
    - Requires 135 Benevolence + Piety.
 buffet - fills the room with swirling air, hampering movement.
    - Requires 180 Benevolence + Piety.
 air halo - surrounds the caster with a band of concentrated atmosphere.
    - Requires 225 Benevolence + Piety.

 enhanced fireshield - learn to maximize damage inflicted by fireshield.
    - Requires 135 Benevolence + Piety.
 ember carom - shoots fiery material at a victim, lighting them on fire.
    - Requires 180 Benevolence + Piety.
 lava cloak - provides resistance to weapons, in exchange for constant
    - Requires 225 Benevolence + Piety.
 illumination - Reveals everything in a location.
    - Requires 135 Benevolence + Piety.
 magnetic field - causes the caster to be electromagnetically enchanted and
   passively force equipment off of opponents.
    - Requires 180 Benevolence + Piety.
 soul sacrifice - expends a variable amount of spell power to deal damage.
    - Requires 225 Benevolence + Piety.

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