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The Ranger class is... TBD

Practicing Guide

SkillComplexityPractice ToDescriptionAdditional Info
Archery5%75 High(198) damage, high accuracy(~15) piercing weapon. Costs sp per shot. Multitude of quivers allows all sorts of damage types, most importantly dispelling quivers.
Blind fighting40% 100 Improves accuracy Fairly essential skill
Dagger1% 75 Low(162) damage, high accuracy(~14) piercing weapon. Can be used to backstab. Daggers are fairly common, and often come with poisoned attributes
Dodge30% 75 Defense against attacks, falling objects, bites and more Essential
Detect traps45% TBC Allows you to detect traps in the room TBC
Disarm traps13% 15 Allows you to disarm traps. TBC
Dart28% TBC TBC Very rarely used weapon. To be avoided
Enhanced endurance15% 100 Improved your stamina regeneration Very useful at higher levels, if you have skills which use st or are a bard
Foraging5% 0/75 Forages for food(hunger only), usually in wilderness areas This is a timepiece skill, otherwise not very useful
Hand to hand1% 75 Low damage, low accuracy bashing - doesn't require weapon Can be useful as a fallback or when boosted enough
Hide30% 100 Hides you in the room, giving you a chance to not appear on where and look. You appear as a hidden life form in the room Useful in PK
Herbalism1% 75 Allows you to create herbalism mixes with various magical effects Essential skill for rangers
Kick10% 75 Low damage, low stamina cost skill Not very useful due to its really low damage
Magical items5% TBC Allows you to use scrolls, staves, wands and orbs Very useful at low levels due to a plethora of magical items and relatively weak casting skill of character
Parry15% 75 Defense against attacks(requires you and your opponent to be wielding appropriate weapons) Essential for auto defense
Perception1% 75 Improves your chance to spot hidden things with search/dig Searching/digging is very slow without it
Riding5% 100 Allows you to ride a mount, which improves your accuracy and allows you to use its stamina when moving Essential skill
Spear5% 75 High(198) damage, high accuracy(~15) piercing weapon This is one of the staple weapons in the game. Not too easy to find a spear at max level.
Sword1% 75 Moderate(180) damage, high accuracy(~15+) slashing weapon This is one of the staple weapons in the game due to its availability and many damage types
Second attack35% 75 Allows you to make a second attack each round Essential skill
Scan40% 35-75 Scanning allows you to see npcs in rooms in each direction Practicing it to a higher level allows you to scan further away
Staff6% 75 TBC TBC
Snare25% 75 Allows you to use traps Useful in PK or even on runs if you are being pursued.
Throwing15% 75 Allows you to throw explosives and herbalism mixes Essential skill for rangers
Tracking45% 75 Allows you to track the path to a given npc Very useful skill, especially for newer players
Throwing knife16% TBC TBC TBC
Yo-yo13% TBC TBC TBC

SpellComplexityPractice ToDescriptionAdditional Info
Blink35% 75 Staple transportation spell. Two modes of movement - random movement in areas/wilderness without a direction, or directional movement This is one of the best methods of transportation for high level characters
Color spray20% 75 Does a small amount of damage and has a chance to blind Very useful in PK
Create food23% TBC TBC TBC
Create spring30% 0-50 Creates a magical spring in the room, allowing you to sate hunger/thirst Useful if you don't own a decanter of endless water or wish to give your mounts something to drink
Create water10% TBC TBC Timepiece skill
Counterspell54% 75 Attempts to counter the opponent's spell, most commonly simply turning the effect against them Essential skill
Charm30% TBC TBC TBC
Control winds75% TBC TBC TBC
Circle of thorns75% 50-75 Creates a room effect of brambles that will reveal anyone sneaking into the room, doing a small amount of damage and a chance to poison in PK rooms Useful in PK
Concealment20% TBC Conceals your equipment and inventory from view. TBC
Camouflage37% 75% Takes you off the vmap and allows you to sneak. Has a chance of allowing you to avoid snares. Very useful for PK/avoiding PK.
Detect magic0% TBC TBC TBC
Detect illusion59% 35 Reveals illusions such as shifts and some illusionary walls/doors. Essential on some high level runs.
Dispel magic50% 75 Dispels magical affects from your target Very useful throughout the game
Death grip35% TBC TBC TBC
Enhanced strength10% 10-20 Increases your strength and carrying capacity Only practice if not bard
Electrogenic growth 27% TBC TBC TBC
Erase50% TBC TBC TBC
Frost50% TBC TBC TBC
Faerie fire5% 75 TBC TBC
Find familiar5% 15 Summons an animal NPC to aid the caster in combat, must be outdoors, recasting will re-summon any existing or stuck familiars. Timepiece + useful for killing hunters
Flintstrike 32% 40 TBC TBC
Fungal growth 27% TBC TBC TBC
Guise of nature 50% TBC TBC TBC
Hands of wind61% 75 Chance to unform the enemy formation. PK spell.
Ice storm82% TBC TBC TBC
Identify0% TBC TBC TBC
Infravision30% TBC TBC TBC
Invisibility25% TBC TBC Timepiece
Ice wind60% 75 One of the better damage spells in the game, can apply frost affect. Expensive scroll
Iceball25% TBC Moderate ice damage. A fireball equivalent TBC
Levitation12% 20 Levitation is required to access many rooms(such as oceans), reduces movement stamina usage, and prevents some debilitating effects(like earthquake) from affecting you. Also useful for levitating mounts
Magic lock20% 20-40 Locks non magic-resistant doors Useful utility spell
Magic unlock25% 35 Allows you to unlock normal and magically locked doors Useful utility spell
Momentary darkness75% TBC TBC TBC
Magic dart0% 0-75 Low damage spell, fastest cast in the game (1 second) TBC
Magic bomb72% TBC TBC TBC
Magic message44% TBC Create a pair of lips which say your chosen words to each player who passes through the room (once) Purely for fun/spreading a message to players online.
Otolithic growth 65% TBC TBC TBC
Recharge item61% TBC TBC TBC
Room shield70% 75 Creates a room shield in the area, preventing npcs(in non-pk) and pcs(in pk) from entering the room Very useful skill in PK and on many high level runs
Spark0% TBC TBC Timepiece spell
Sense life25% TBC TBC TBC
Sleep20% 20-40 Puts the target NPC or player to sleep. Utility spell, optional.
Stone skin50% 75 A +ar buff, maxes at 7 at archon Essential armor spell
Scribe0% TBC TBC Not worth practising as it seems to work fine at its lowest percent.
Summon mount75% 50 Summon a mount that scales with your level if you cast it in an outdoor area. Useful if you want to always have a mount reasonably accessible, costs summoning stones to cast, otherwise ignore.
Tinnitus 50% 75 Increases the target's vulnerability to sonic damage Max as bard, still handy even if not
Wizard eye10% TBC TBC TBC
Web60% 75 Web prevents your target from moving from the room, and lowers their agility Very useful in PK, moderately useful otherwise due to the agility decrease
Wind walk 50% 0-50 Pass door effect Useful to have in case you don't have an item with pass door
Whirlwind 30% 50-75 A haste effect which also improves your air spell damage and accuracy Castable haste usually gives more accuracy than what can be found on items. Also doesn't slow your regen, so much more effective than haste on items.

Additional Information

TBC Will submit a more complete guide shortly.

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