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Where to find MUSHclient

It's simple and free. Download it here:

Alternatively, a pre-packaged version of MUSHclient which contains the MMUSHclient Package Manager can be found here:

MUSHclient configuration

How to install MUSHclient on Windows 7 - Follow these instructions to move MUSH to a folder where it can create/update files (as opposed to Program Files, where it usually doesn't have write access.)
How to Setup Scripting Language - Follow these instructions to setup Lua as the default scripting language. (Required for scripts that haven't been converted to plugins yet.)
How to Import Mush Scripts - Follow these instructions for importing MUSHclient scripts.

Important client settings

1) All your triggers should have this option enabled:

[x] Keep evaluating

This option tells MUSH to keep checking for other scripts that may also trigger on the same text. If you fail to enable it, and your script triggers on -say- the prompt, then other scripts that trigger on the prompt will stop working, or start malfunctioning.

All our scripts have this option enabled. If you install scripts from other sources, you should make sure that they have it as well.

2) To work properly, most of our scripts require this client setting:

Game > Configure > Output... > [x] Convert IAC EOR/GA to new line (must be enabled).

This should make the prompt appear on its own, separate line, making it possible to trigger stuff on prompt.

3) In case you find a bug, you may want to configure this client setting:

Game > Configure > Scripting... > [x] Note errors (enabled).

This makes script errors show in the main world window, as a note, instead of appearing in an error dialog. This way, they don't steal focus from the main window.

4) When you have 2 characters logged in at the same time, most scripts that have per-char configuration options (like GMCP Handler's interface with MagicMap, Buttons Rack, Latest Daily Rewards, Missing Effects, Reagents Counter, etc.) require that your chars run in separate instances of MUSHclient, as opposed to running them "tabbed" within the same client instance.

These plugins rely on name detection for certain operations. If two of your chars are running in the same instance of MUSHclient, their plugins will be shared, their variables unified, leading to confusing/erroneous results.

Some scripts for MUSHclient


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