Multiclassing First Class

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As you begin to near level 60, it's time to start considering what you want to do for your second class. Before you can multiclass, however, you need to gather tourmalines from the Tower of Riga on Verity Isle.


It's key that you maximize your capability to carry items. Though it isn't suggested that you train stats during first class, it would be wise to get as many +strength items that you can find, such as a berserker helm, a couple python guard rings, or a couple bloodstone pendants. When you have your strength maximized with gear, it's time to consider what you're going to carry your tourmalines in. Riga contains many traps that will destroy your tourmalines (and occasionally, non-insulated gear) if you leave them in your inventory. There are a wide variety of containers, but some of the lightest and most helpful ones available to you are:

This item can be purchased in your specific faction area in Rune Forest. This item is received by winning a numbers game with Kythe, the mischievous pixie in the Village of Lasler. This item is dropped by a higher-level mob named, Alpheus Winterborn; it is often seen on auction with an average price of 15,000 gp. Almost any character level 180+ can assist you in getting this bag. This item is available for sale in almost every General Store.

Since you need 250 tourmalines to multiclass to second class, you will want to have as much strength and space as is comfortable for you, so that you don't need to take frequent trips to and from Verity Isle. When considering how many bags and how much space you need, bear in mind each tourmaline weighs four pebbles.

Suggested Items

On the first floor of the isle, there is a fountain, but to alleviate having to go back to the first floor each time you get hungry and thirsty (assuming your character does not have the skill "feed"), it's suggested you bring:

Going to Verity

You can get to Verity Isle by finding a travelworn adventurer in either Sigil (located 1 south from recall), the Towne of New Rigel (found at Vashir fountain, a west on the canal ride) or Tellerium (located 1 northeast of Palazzo Fountain). The adventurer should greet you when you walk into the room, mentioning Verity Isle. You give 25000 gold adventurer and he will transport you to Verity Isle. Using SURVEY, you can seek out the Tower of Riga, or you can simply RECALL, and it will bring you to the first room. From there, you head all north until you can go up, and begin your search for tourmalines, killing the mobs.

For more information concerning the area, you can read up on the Mark of Patience. Once you decide you want to go back to Alyria, you RECALL and go north to the gnome druid. He will mention he is on his way to Sigil. You give 10000 gold druid, and you will be transported to Sigil. If you belong to a clan that is not the Novice Adventurer's Guild [Clan 7], your clan should have a clanhall with a gohall point. If you do not want to pay your way back to Alyria, you can exit the Tower and, using SURVEY, you can locate the worldgate to the southeast. Once standing in the center of the worldgate, simply clan gohall.

Getting Ready to Multi

From there, find Lord Vendredi and take your tourmalines out of your respective containers. Type class deposit all, and Lord Vendredi will keep a record of how many tourmalines you have with him. Note that all quest masters have a record of your tourmalines, so you do not need to go to the same one each time. You can do this as many times as necessary until you are satisfied with the amount of tourmalines you have, barring in mind that quest masters will only allow you to hold 600 tourmalines at first class.

When you are ready to multiclass, you can go to any quest master and type class newclass <class_name>. If you have the correct amount of tourmalines, you will be granted your next class. Be sure to choose wisely!

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