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The Monk class is... TBD

Practicing Guide

SkillComplexityPractice ToDescriptionAdditional Info
acrobatics50%maximumdefense skillcannot be used while mounted
blind fighting40%maximumincreased accuracy while blind (passive combat skill)TBC
dodge30%maximumdefense skillallows one to dodge attacks, also useful in avoiding bites that may paralyze
enhanced damage45%maximumincreases damage dealt in combat TBC
exotic50%optionalweapon skillnon-essential weapon skill, practice if needed
flail1%maximumweapon etc. TBC
hand to hand1%optional (see notes)increases damage done when not wearing a weaponnon-essential, useful to have if disarmed or otherwise not wielding a weapon. strongly recommended if thief class is/will be knave
hide30%optionalallows one to hide in a room, disguising their appearance and causing the player not to show up on "where". effect is cancelled upon movingskill works reasonably well without practicing
herbalism1%maximumallows a player to create and use a variety of herbal mixturesessential monk skill, useful for both pvp and pve
kick10%optional TBC TBC
lore30%optionalallows a player to "look" at an item and identify it's statsMax for convenience, memorization purposes, and being able to identify things that can't be picked up
mace1%optional TBC TBC
meditation40%maximumincreases spell power regeneration (passive skill) T
magical items5%maximum TBC TBC
martial arts5%optional (see notes)increases damage/accuracy when using "hand to hand" skillnon-essential, practice only if you plan to also practice hand to hand. again, strongly recommended for monk/knaves
nunchaku14%optional TBC TBC
polearm25%optional TBC TBC
perception1%minimal TBC TBC
staff6%optional TBC TBC
strike of death90%optional (see notes)when used against a player target, will give that player a ~2 minute debuff. if the player moves 5 rooms while affected by strike of death, it will zot themuseful only for pvp, so an optional but useful skill to practice
throwing15%maximumallows a player to make use of bombs/thrown herbs
whip1%optional TBC TBC
yo-yo13%optional TBC TBC

SpellComplexityPractice ToDescriptionAdditional Info
armor0%minimumincreases armor by 3 in all slots, cannot be cast in combatessential spell to cast, but the 0% complexity means it will cast successfully almost every time without practicing
animate dead78%0brings a corpse back to life to fight for youthis spell takes an astral to cast, not really making it worth the effort to use. timepiece spell for monk, practice only if planning to buy one
abjure75%0when cast on a faerie pc, will forcibly return them to the faerie plane. not castable in combatcosts an astral, not really worth practicing. items are available that cast abjure, which are more advisable to use if this spell is needed
bless5%0increases saving-vs-spell by 4very good spell to have in your affects, low complexity means no need to practice
blindness35%maximum (see notes)blinds an enemy, rendering them unable to cast targeted spells and reduces their combat abilitiesessential to have at least one form of blindness. bard gets a version of blind, as does druid, so optional if going either of these classes along with monk
blink35% maximum   
calm28%maximum (see notes)will stop combat, with a mild lag associated with the completion of the castnon-essential for bards, as they already get a version of this spell
cause light8%0TBCTBC
cause serious20%0TBCTBC
change sex50%0TBCTBC
cure blindness40% maximum Removes all forms all forms of the 'blindness' spell crucial spell to always have memorized
cure disease25%maximum (see notes)removes plague or irritation affects from target. not castable in combatnon-essential if also a druid, as the druid spell invoke salt is able to be cast in combat (although is not targetable on others).
cure light17%maximumheals a minor amount of hp for 34sp. castable while silencedessential healing spell for any class. master as soon as possible
cure poison20%maximum (see notes)removes poison affects from target. not castable in combatnot recommended if also a druid, evoke salt is superior to cure poison
cure serious20%maximumintermediate healing spell for 37sp TBC
curse40%maximumdecreases target's armor and saving-vs-spell for a period of time. affect is reversible with "remove curse" spellessential spell, practice to maximum
combat blink58%~50+%increases armor by 7 for a short period of time. cannot be cast in combat, and drains a small amount of sp while activesemi-useful +ar spell. items exist at archon that cast the spell on you, but do not give as much armor as cast version
detect alignment5% 0 TBC TBC
detect invisibility0 TBD TBC TBC
detect magic0% 0 TBC TBC
detect illusion59% ~50% TBC TBC
dispel magic50%maximumrandomly removes both positive and negative affects from target. useable on self or opponent. essential spell to practice for monk
erase50%nonewill remove a scribed spell from a spellbooknot extremely useful to practice, erase scrolls are cheap and readily available for the same purpose
faerie fire50%maximumreduces an opponents TBC
hands of wind61% optional (see notes) TBC TBC
identify0% 0 TBC TBC
light0% 0 TBC TBC
multiply magic94% optional (see notes) TBC TBC
mental clarity50% ~50% TBC TBC
plague10% maximum TBC TBC
poison30% maxumum TBC TBC
protection from evil8% 0 provides a 5% damage reduction from "good" aligned players or mobs. cannot be cast on players with more than +350 alignment. not castable in combatsomewhat useful spell affect, not necessary to practice because of it's low complexity
protection from good8% 0 provides a 5% damage reduction from "evil" aligned players or mobs. cannot be cast on players with less than -350 alignment. not castable in combatsomewhat useful spell affect, not necessary to practice because of it's low complexity
phalanx25% TBD TBC TBC
recharge item61% 0 TBC TBC
remove curse65%maximumremoves curses from players and items(no-drop, no-remove, etc. as long as the item isn't also no-uncurse)practice to maximum, as the high complexity makes this an easy spell to fumble
resurrect92%optional TBC TBC
remote sensing30% TBD TBC TBC
spark0% 0 TBC TBC
sense life25% 0 TBC TBC
silence80% optional TBC TBC
sanctuary65% 0 TBC TBC
slow90%maximum (see notes)has a chance to reduce an opponent's attacks, defenses, and regeneration for a short period of timevery useful against both mobs and players. bards also get a version of this spell, but unlike the monk version, can't be cast out of combat and is affected by the slow magic spell
spell shield70% optional If you plan on PKing this spell is essential. For example, it will block mem drain but will also fall, so you will need to recast it. If you get into a fight with some one determined to mem drain you, best to have this skill maxed.
slow magic90% optional TBC TBC
tremor25%maximum (see notes) TBC TBC

Additional Information

- all #'s based on archon-level spells (for now)

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