Mark Of Opulence

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Level: 15-241
Location: multiple

"Seek out and sleep in 20 opulent beds across Alyria." There are apparently more than 20 beds around Alyria, UG and FP. You only need to sleep in 20 of them to get the mark. For example, archons will not be able to access the beds in lower level areas and lowbies also are not expected to explore the high level areas for the beds. Any 20 that you can access at your level will work.

  1. Master Bedroom (Governor's Estate) - Tellerium
  2. Left Half of a Huge Bed (upstairs, past CPK) - Maldra Keep
  3. The Servants' Quarters - Frost Giant's Keep
  4. Resident Bedroom (West side. Directions 2n, 2w, 2n, all w, n, e, u) - Palace of Diocletian
  5. Guest Bedroom - Pirate's Cove
  6. Room of Healing - Tower of Art
  7. Sleeping Quarters (guard barracks) - Sigil
  8. Orc Quarters (west side of 2nd floor) - Dungeon Wroth
  9. An Adequate Room (3rd room to the east, upstairs) - Cavhfail
  10. Guest Room #3 (Viridian Inn) - Vir
  11. An Obviously Vacant Room (upstairs of Naulitas Nights Inn) - Naulitas
  12. A Cozy Bedroom (2nd hut west of the big one. outside sextant co-ords 525, 1251) - Genauras
  13. A Large Group of Beds (6n, 2w, s from A Cave Junction) - Irda Isle Caverns
  14. A Cramped Waiting Room - An Abandoned Oil Well
  15. Oceanside Room (upstairs, southern room, first building) - Three-Bearded Jake's
  16. Balcony (third floor) - Winterborn Mansion
  17. Somewhere in the Tower of Riga, level 7 - TBC
  18. Bedroom (Irvin's house) - The Village of Lasler
  19. The Black Lodge (CPK. west, south from entrance. need worldgate to be open) - The Black Lodge
  20. A Small Cell - Aequtus (Follow the path northwest until you get to the main deck. Then go down to the cargo shaft, and walk around the southwest corner. Go down from the battle stations, all s, all e, all s, search for a hidden west, go west, north and pull rope. Follow the path around to wizard's workshop, go all down, then 2n, e into a small cell)
  21. A Hallway Of Subtle Decadence (near Veldra) - Hotel Hello
  22. The Grounds Outside The Chapel (near Mourdul, Throne of Pain) - Rune Graveyard
  23. Pit Boss's Hangout - Ogre Village (from the furthest west room of the river, go down and follow the path southwest and west)
  24. The Oversized Room - Grimbold's Annex

Fluke noted that number twelve (12) did not seem to work. They were checking the entire area with Pense up as well. - Cordarei

You go to sleep in an opulent bed.
You snuggle down into an opulent bed, looking happy.
You have slept in 20/20 beds.
For displaying your love of sloth and comfort, the Powers have granted thee the Mark of Opulence.
You have been granted the Mark of Opulence!
You gain 100 archon points!
You gain 94 practices!
You gain 1,000 building points!
Something appears in your inventory...
You seperate yourself from an opulent bed.

You focus your powers of observation on a compact traveler's bed:
Item 'a compact traveler's bed' is type furniture, alignment 0, made of cloth (in (new) condition),
has keywords 'traveler compact bed'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 10 pebbles, and is valued at 5,000 gold. 
This level 10 item has the attributes: identified owner-only insulated wont-fuse will-float save-location unique
This item may be used up to 500 more times.
*This item has a limit of [1] per character.
*This item belongs to Minotorious.
This cot is fashioned out of soft white cloth that's been strapped to a
frame made of a petrified whitewood that seems surprisingly strong.  It
seems to be fairly easy to fold up and carry with you, and might be handy
for a more restful sleep whilst journeying through the wilderness regions of
Alyria.  While strong, it's also surprisingly comfortable despite the lack
of extras.  The taut cloth is oddly relaxing, and who needs pillows anyway? 

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