Mark Of Declaration

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Location: New Kolvir
Level: 90+
Mark value: 18

Estimate this mark's experience for level

Goto New Kolvir and track raving, this will lead you to an up in the sewers, walk up and you will see a raving madwoman who will say:

'Let your TRUE VOICE ring OUT AND shout SO GREATLY.' a raving madwoman says to you.

Hold and use a great shout scroll to receive the mark.

WARNING: All of New Kolvir is CPK and the sewer has heaps of agro mobs.

You can obtain this mark at level 120. All of New Kolvir is CPK. Be sure to be invisible when you enter New Kolvir as the crickett is agro and no-flee in the entrance. Also the first few rooms have falling boulders so go one step at a time and heal every time you get hit. New Kolvir's main level is laid out on an octagon and you'll enter in the middle of the south side. There is a keep in the middle of the octagon that you should go around either to the east or west. There are aggro mobs here with detect invis. Go to the northwest most corner where you'll be able to go either east or southwest. Search for a hidden down. Go down until you hit bottom which is 2 down, then go 3 east and up. This will put you in "A Smelly Nook". Go visible if you aren't already at this point. The mad woman should trigger upon entering whether you are visible or not. If she doesn't trigger go down and re-enter until she does. Once she has triggered, hold and use a moldy green scroll and you will be awarded the mark.

There are new-born snarfurgles in the sewer that you're going to walk through and they hit hard. With 13 armor I took about 400 damage per round per mob. Flee fast and heal as soon as you can get out of combat.

For having such a commanding presence and gaining the attention of Alyria, the Powers have granted thee a Mark.
You have been granted The Mark of Declaration!
You gain 55 practices!

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