How To Scout During An Invasion

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Scouting overview

As a scout you will be assigned a particular area or areas to search room to room for invasion mobiles. You could be assigned one or several areas, ideally there will be enough scouts to overlap each other so we can quickly find and eliminate the invaders.

The most efficient and absolutely essential tool in communicating mob locations to the alliance battle formations is the use of the invasion map. That map can be viewed and interacted with at You should alliance talk the word "password" so that the bot will send you a tell containing a login and password (you cannot be shifted).

Using the map

Use of the map is straightforward, mouse over one of the mob markers, these are the yellow balloons with a question mark inside them. If there are no markers, you may create one by right clicking, please do not create more than you need. Drag the marker to the appropriate room on the map and release. We formerly had different marker types for different groups of NPCs. We realized this was no longer necessary with the exception of the robot invasion. In the case of a robot invasion, if you find a glaring gargoyle (Long description: An enormous stoic gargoyle stomps around the room, glaring.), please mark the location with a balloon, click the balloon, and select the skull and crossbones icon (it currently says dead group, but it will mark the gargoyles nevertheless).

Kru is pretty good about announcing changes to the invasion map. That notwithstanding, a short communication on alliance channel is always a plus, something brief such as "mob located and marked in area 4". If you need to move the marker again, simply mouse over, and drag it. Note that each time you place/move a marker, Kru should make an announcement. To avoid confusion, please be sure of your location before placing a marker. If you want/need to completely delete a marker, then select that marker and left click, select "delete" with the X in the bubble. The battle formation will delete markers as they eliminate invasion forces.

All Xaventry invasion mobs has "xaventry" as one of the keywords. This can be useful for checking if a mob is indeed an invasion mob.

Few notes

Once all mobs have been eliminated the alliance battle formations will battle the invasion leader, please, as a scout, give them breathing room. Also a special note, do not cast healing/curing spells in the same room with the invasion leader should you be asked to help, as the invasion wizard will use that for his advantage.

[ALLIED NOTICE] With a demented cackle, a steam-driven overmind howls to signal the commencement of the invasion of The Towne of Xaventry.
This is the signal for a robot-type invasion. As this is the most difficult type of invasion there is, there is a different rule on marking certain mobs. Rooms with glaring gargoyles (long description: An enormous stoic gargoyle stomps around the room, glaring. highlight it using your client if you can) should be marked with a "skull" balloon on the invasion map. To do this, drag a regular balloon into the room, left click it and when a chat bubble pops up with a skull balloon in it, click the skull balloon. This will let the fighters know the room has a glaring gargoyle and they can plan their fights accordingly.

One last note, in the maze of Xaventry there are centaurs that are not invasion mobs, if you are assigned to that area, please take a few moments to become familiar with their location. Thank you and good Scouting!

Do's and Don't's



Sense Life
For an invasion, you need to have sense life. You can either wear an item with sense life, or cast it on yourself. Sense Life scrolls are available at Denar in New Rigel.

Common Sources of Sense Life on Items

 A Pendant of Meditation Level 25 - A priest of Dira, The Towne of Xaventry
 A Cthonic Mask Level 58 - A horrifying cthon, Winterborn Mansion (it's made of iron, so feys and sidhes cannot wear it)
 An Eye of a Kraken Level 95 - The Kraken, Pirate's Cove (this comes from an archon-level mob in CPK)
 The Deathhead Bracelet Level 240 - Leandra, Hotel Hello
 The Crown of Lord Alymar Level 240 - Lord Alymar, New Kolvir
 The Belt of Skulls - Level 241 A chton psionic, Great Alyrian Underground Wilds

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