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Throughout your travels, you will encounter specialized NPC Bosses, indicated by a red [BOSS] tag in front of their name. These Bosses are more difficult than standard mobs, and offer special rewards for killing them. With each new Boss that a character kills, that character will be rewarded with the number of practices equal to the number of boss kills that character has, bonus experience points (can be in the millions at high levels), and special boss loot. At 33, 66, 99 and 120 boss kills, your character will achieve very rewarding marks.

NOTE: a character will only receive a Boss Kill credit for their first kill, but will continue to receive boss loot for subsequent kills.

For example, at boss kill number 25, your character will receive 25 practice points. At boss kill number 26, he or she will receive 26 practice points, and so on. There are multiple bosses at all levels and at all levels of difficulty. Killing bosses is an efficient way to amass thousands of practices while learning many runs and mini-quests throughout the game.

Personal Log

To track how many and which bosses your have killed, purchase a Personal Log from any Questermaster, sold for 1,100 quest points. Hold the log, and USE LOG to see general statistics and accomplishments, USE LOG BOSSES to see your current boss list, and USE LOG AVAILABLE to see if there are any Bosses.

Boss Guides

Bosses for new heroes, archons and returning players:

Run Guides

Boss Loot

Upon killing a boss, you may be rewarded with generic boss loot items. Some of these items can be used in a Divination Tray, sold by Baron Nezak to summon additional bosses. You might even get the special boss loot, which is located on any one boss in the game at a time and consists of dusty relics, orbs of vandemaar (30-50 practices each, turn them in at Balthazaar in Rune), manuals, etc. The item an enchantment magnet, looted at random from an Archon Master Hunter, can tell you the current location of the special boss loot.

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