An Ancient Beyonder

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Location: A Ghost Town
Levels: 61-120
Boss Kill: 120 and under. Room is level restricted.
Marks: Mark of Sleep


Need detect illusion. The entrance to the building is [591, 1401]. It's also a big building surrounded by little ones. You need detect illusion to pass through the walls to get to next area. From entrance/safe, go 2 east 4 north 1 down 4 west and up through another illusion.

There will be little eyes in this area. They are immune to pierce and most magic damage types except for lightning. They also hit very hard on 2nd classers without proper tank stats. A higher level character can come out and kill them for your group since the area isn't level restricted outside of the bosses' room. The little eyes will drop crystals, gather these. Above the bosses room is a well, put crystals into the well until he stops asking for more. Failing to appease it's hungry will get the form automatically slain, so be sure to not enter its room until you've finished the well part. Can take 5-9 crystals to do this.

Encounter Fight isn't too bad. Boss sometimes spikes a lot of damage but overall, isn't too much of a pain.


Item 'wings of searing light' is type armor, alignment 0, made of energy (in (new) condition),
has keywords 'wings searing light dazzling', equipped on the wing.
This item weighs 0 stones and 25 pebbles, and is valued at 31,300 gold.
This level 125 item has the attributes: insulated wont-fuse vampire-bane magic-resistant no-dispel unique no-tweak bind-on-wear
Armor resistance is 19 pierce, 19 bash, 14 slash, and 15 exotic.
Affects age by -5.
Affects healing-others-prcnt by 5.
Affects reflected-spell-prcnt by 7.
Your level must be less than 200 to use this item.
This item may be repaired 10 times.
Born in the darkness of the beyonder's world, down in the depths of the
blackest mines of the Sigilian Underground, these wings are an expression of
hope. The prayers and optimism of the slaves who toiled and died on the hot
rocks, under the cracking whips, on the parched stone, all crept away into a
place no beyonder could slither and crawl. The very rocks of the mine
themselves witnessed great tragedy and great compassion, and that compassion
manifested up through the endless earth into a brighter sky, unfurling wings
of searing white more piercing than the sun's gaze. Now they are yours.

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