A Malevolent Werewolf

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Location: Templeton
Levels: 100+ Archon
Boss Kill: Yes
Availability:Midnight every full moon
Marks: Mark of Lycanthropy


Availability: Requires time to be midnight and there be at least one full moon, your Archon level must be 100 or above.

This run is located in Templeton and requires at least 2 people, as a malevolent werewolf has a paralysing attack and emotes form damage that drains hp and sp from all people.


First you will need a vial of holy water, these are sold at shops located in Towne of Rune, the Towne of New Rigel, the Towne of Xaventry, Irda Isle or Lowangen. One vial will give you one silver weapon depending on your fighter class, which cannot be dropped or given to others.

Once you have a vial obtained, head to Templeton and look around for a beast hunter mob:

*An athletic man armed to the teeth with exotic weaponry is here.

When a level 100+ Archon walks into the room he will say:

A beast hunter asks you, 'Aye, ye be seein' any strange creatures about, laddy?'
Sayto him "yes", then sayto him "werewolf" and give him a vial of holy water, he will then give you a blessed silver weapon.

The silver weapon also expires in 7 days, and it isnt very good compared to other weapons, but you'll need a silver weapon to get into the area to kill the werewolf.

A malevolent werewolf encounter

Once you have a silver weapon, head to the northeast corner of Black Wolf Park. When the clock strikes midnight, the beast hunter will morph into a malevolent werewolf and rush through to that spot. You will see a figure rush northeast from that spot, and if the form leader has a silver weapon, he'll follow behind the figure with the form (only the form leader has to wear a silver weapon, the rest of the form doesn't need to, but without a blessed silver weapon the werewolf will rapidely regenerate and not die).

The form leader will lead the form into a non-pk room 1 south of the werewolf's location, and this is where everyone should spell up and prepare.

The werewolf may paralyse the tank, but it can be slowed. Once it is dead, loot will drop to the ground, and in the tick after it dies, the whole form will be teleported out, so be sure not to leave anything on the ground, as the area is only accessible on every midnight where there is at least one full moon.

Note: The person who gets the killing blow will get the Mark of Lycanthropy.

A malevolent werewolf carries:

Item 'a werewolf pelt' is type armor, alignment -350, made of flesh,
has keywords 'werewolf pelt hairy skin animal', equipped about the body.
This item weighs 0 stones and 40 pebbles, and is valued at 55,100 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: identified noremove no-auction insulated nouncurse vampire-bane magic-resistant
A werewolf pelt is in excellent condition.
Armor resistance is 25 pierce, 24 bash, 25 slash, and 25 exotic.
Affects hp-regen by 3.
Affects saving-spell by 4.
Affects sanity by -2.
*Your archon-level must be greater than or equal to 90 to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 10 times.
This pelt has been carefully skinned from the corpse of a slain beast and
cleaned, then sewn into a garment to be worn about the body like a horrific

Item 'a decayed werewolf canine' is type artifact, alignment -100, made of unknown-alloy,
has keywords 'werewolf tooth large animal decayed canine'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 5 pebbles, and is valued at 56,800 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: identified no-auction insulated unbreakable nochange
A decayed werewolf canine is in excellent condition.
Has 12 of 12 total charges per day of level 241 spell 'heal'.
*Your archon-level must be greater than or equal to 90 to use this item.
*Your Mark of Lycanthropy must be equal to True to use this item.
*This item has a limit of [1] per character.
Once a pale yellow colour, this werewolf's tooth has since become a rigid
irony brown.  The transformative properties of werewolves prevent their
remains from staying in any consistent shape, leaving them to reform into
inorganic masses.  The light of day forced this tooth to decay into iron,
though the process didn't rob it of the magical energy within.

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