The High Priest Of Ithrilis

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Availability: Every 15 minutes.

Pretty easy to solo, and easy to camp, CPK rooms on the way so be careful.


Check your mems are ok before going, and restock reagents if you are low. If you have herbalism, then mixing HE before hand is helpful. Make sure you are fully spelled up immediately before entering the temple.

Head to the Towne of Xaventry and locate the Gates of the Ithrilis Temple on the southeast side of town, then go two rooms south and one room west. Go south into the Pool of Faith and locate a sea serpent. Kill the sea serpent to get the porcelain key and go back north out of the pool.

Note: Make sure you have autoloot set on, as the key will fall into the water if you do not.

From the Lobby of the Ithrilis Temple go three rooms east and prepare yourself for underwater CPK. You will want to be levitating at least, underwater breathing helps but isn't necessary if you move quickly. Go one room northeast and then down. Move six rooms south, and six more west, then go two more rooms north. You can change back into normal gear as there won't be any more CPK. Go three rooms east and then one room south. Move one room east (through the wall) and you will find yourself in a dizzy NPK hallway. Using scan will help you determine how far you are from the doors in this hallway. As it is underwater you will want to get through as quickly as you can. Open the first door and keep going north to the second door which you will need to unlock with the porcelain key. Open that door and move into the Priest's main area.

The High Priest of Ithrilis encounter

You should find yourself on a Small Landing. From here you will need to go two rooms west and one room north to find the High Priest of Ithrils?. Throwing and herbs are a huge bonus here - as the Priest is in no-magic. If you can, spam it with HE and bash it until it dies. Flee out as needed.

Note: All south of the Priest you can find the trainer for Ithrilis Religion spells.

Once you are finished in the area go one room south, two rooms west, and down. You should then find yourself Before the Mighty Fountain of Life.

The High Priest of Ithrilis carries:

Item 'a holy symbol of Ithrilis' is type ankh, alignment -300, made of ice,
has keywords 'holy symbol Ithrilis', equipped around the neck.
This item weighs 0 stones and 11 pebbles, and is valued at 31,500 gp.
This level 120 item has the attributes: identified invis no-auction insulated magic-resistant will-float
A holy symbol of Ithrilis is in excellent condition.
Affects wisdom by 2.
Casts the level 118 spell, 'shield'.
*This item may be repaired 5 times.
This ankh that is worn around the neck is made of pure ice.  The ice does
not seem to want to melt at all, no matter what kind of heat it has been
subjected to.  The ice has been shaped into the holy markings of Ithrilis,
telling you that this is indeed a holy item.  Whenever worn, the symbol is
so cold that you can't keep it on very long without having to remove it.

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