World Gate List

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Phase 1Phase 2Gate 1Gate 2Recall 1Recall 2
crescent waningcrescent waningTempletonTowne of DecaraTempletonTowne of Decara
crescent waningcrescent waxingTowne of RuneEthereal VoidTowne of RuneEthereal Void
crescent waningfullThe Towne of XaventryA Ghost TownThe Towne of XaventryA Ghost Town
crescent waninggibbous waningVerity IsleStronghold Of The Garbool TribeTower of RigaStronghold Of The Garbool Tribe
crescent waninggibbous waxingSigilVirEmperor's CrossroadsVir
crescent waninghalf waningLowangenArcane ArchipelagoLowangenTraveler's Retreat
crescent waninghalf waxingChanctonbury WoodsTempletonTakhtinTempleton
crescent waningnewSigilChanctonbury WoodsEmperor's CrossroadsTakhtin
crescent waxingcrescent waningStronghold Of The Garbool TribeEthereal VoidStronghold Of The Garbool TribeEthereal Void
crescent waxingcrescent waxingThe Black LodgeFaerie Plane WildernessTower of ArtUnseelie Castle
crescent waxingfullTowne of RuneVerity IsleTowne of RuneTower of Riga
crescent waxinggibbous waningThe Coven of KalywakGypsy VillageThe Towne of XaventryGypsy Village
crescent waxinggibbous waxingTowne of RuneHotel HelloTowne of RuneHotel Hello
crescent waxinghalf waningThe Towne of XaventryMaldra KeepThe Towne of XaventryDungeon Deceit
crescent waxinghalf waxingSigilChanctonbury WoodsEmperor's CrossroadsTakhtin
crescent waxingnewLowangenArcane ArchipelagoLowangenTraveler's Retreat
fullcrescent waningTowne of RuneA Ghost TownTowne of RuneA Ghost Town
fullcrescent waxingChanctonbury WoodsFaerie Plane WildernessTakhtinUnseelie Castle
fullfullSigilTempletonEmperor's CrossroadsTempleton
fullgibbous waningThe Towne of XaventryStronghold Of The Garbool TribeThe Towne of XaventryStronghold Of The Garbool Tribe
fullgibbous waxingVerity IsleThe Black LodgeTower of RigaTower of Art
fullhalf waningLowangenMaldra KeepLowangenDungeon Deceit
fullhalf waxingGenaurasVirGenaurasVir
fullnewArcane ArchipelagoThe Coven of KalywakTraveler's RetreatThe Towne of Xaventry
gibbous waningcrescent waningTempletonGenaurasTempletonGenauras
gibbous waningcrescent waxingChanctonbury WoodsBandit CampTakhtinBandit Camp
gibbous waningfullTowne of RuneStronghold Of The Garbool TribeTowne of RuneStronghold Of The Garbool Tribe
gibbous waninggibbous waningMaldra KeepGypsy VillageDungeon DeceitGypsy Village
gibbous waninggibbous waxingA Ghost TownEthereal VoidA Ghost TownEthereal Void
gibbous waninghalf waningArcane ArchipelagoVerity IsleTraveler's RetreatTower of Riga
gibbous waninghalf waxingTowne of RuneMaldra KeepTowne of RuneDungeon Deceit
gibbous waningnewSigilFaerie Plane WildernessEmperor's CrossroadsSeelie Castle
gibbous waxingcrescent waningLowangenGenaurasLowangenGenauras
gibbous waxingcrescent waxingThe Towne of XaventrySigilThe Towne of XaventryEmperor's Crossroads
gibbous waxingfullChanctonbury WoodsGypsy VillageTakhtinGypsy Village
gibbous waxinggibbous waningArcane ArchipelagoFaerie Plane WildernessTraveler's RetreatSeelie Castle
gibbous waxinggibbous waxingTempletonThe Coven of KalywakTempletonThe Towne of Xaventry
gibbous waxinghalf waningThe Towne of XaventrySigilThe Towne of XaventryEmperor's Crossroads
gibbous waxinghalf waxingLowangenA Ghost TownLowangenA Ghost Town
gibbous waxingnewTowne of RuneBandit CampTowne of RuneBandit Camp
half waningcrescent waningGenaurasMaldra KeepGenaurasDungeon Deceit
half waningcrescent waxingTowne of RuneFaerie Plane WildernessTowne of RuneSeelie Castle
half waningfullThe Towne of XaventryFaerie Plane WildernessThe Towne of XaventryUnseelie Castle
half waninggibbous waningSigilThe Black LodgeEmperor's CrossroadsTower of Art
half waninggibbous waxingLowangenTowne of DecaraLowangenTowne of Decara
half waninghalf waningArcane ArchipelagoTowne of DecaraTraveler's RetreatTowne of Decara
half waninghalf waxingThe Towne of XaventryTempletonThe Towne of XaventryTempleton
half waningnewChanctonbury WoodsTempletonTakhtinTempleton
half waxingcrescent waningMaldra KeepTowne of DecaraDungeon DeceitTowne of Decara
half waxingcrescent waxingVerity IsleThe Coven of KalywakTower of RigaThe Towne of Xaventry
half waxingfullMaldra KeepVerity IsleDungeon DeceitTower of Riga
half waxinggibbous waningTowne of RuneChanctonbury WoodsTowne of RuneTakhtin
half waxinggibbous waxingThe Towne of XaventryHotel HelloThe Towne of XaventryHotel Hello
half waxinghalf waningSigilTempletonEmperor's CrossroadsTempleton
half waxinghalf waxingArcane ArchipelagoBandit CampTraveler's RetreatBandit Camp
half waxingnewLowangenGypsy VillageLowangenGypsy Village
newcrescent waningVerity IsleHotel HelloVerity IsleHotel Hello
newcrescent waxingLowangenStronghold Of The Garbool TribeLowangenStronghold Of The Garbool Tribe
newfullTowne of RuneLowangenTowne of RuneLowangen
newgibbous waningSigilThe Black LodgeEmperor's CrossroadsTower of Art
newgibbous waxingMaldra KeepThe Coven of KalywakDungeon DeceitThe Towne of Xaventry
newhalf waningThe Towne of XaventryArcane ArchipelagoThe Towne of XaventryTraveler's Retreat
newhalf waxingChanctonbury WoodsTempletonTakhtinTempleton
newnewArcane ArchipelagoMaldra KeepTraveler's RetreatDungeon Deceit

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