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Availability: Repops immediately on death.

Vlargruhn can be soloed pretty easily, but a group of two or three taking turns fighting and recovering is much faster and somewhat safer in case you die. Recommend that monks and rangers take calm mixes as they are the best way of staying alive. Other classes will have to rely on smoke bombs or castable calm. Vlargruhn is located in Templeton's Catacombs of Shame, from the entrance take the following path… all east, down, all north, 6 east, all north, down, all south, all west, 4 south.


People with herbalism should have around 30 calm mixes ready for use. A few fatigue herbs and some HE is always helpful but not essential. Check the usual stuff before killing any big mob… reagents, spell mems (make sure detect illusion is one of your memorized spells) set defense to auto and trunk anything that can be fragged or you don't want to lose.

Once satisfied, spell up, including detect illusion. Vlargruhn is located 2 west of you (if you have followed the path stated earlier). The room directly east of Vlargruhn is no mob, as is its room, so hunter wards can be removed safely while killing him. Vlargruhn’s east wall is a walk through wall, which you need to be out of combat to use, hence the calm mixes.

Vlargruhn Encounter

Immune to: summon charm poison
Resistant to: bash fire cold
Vulnerable to: water
* 'Haste', cast at level 350.

Once in his room, you are on your own, curse, faerie fire, plague and weaken it. Take out 2 calm mixes (sometimes he frags one and been caught with no calm mixes means you will most likely die), then attack.

When in combat try to stay healed up, once you drop below 2000hp beware of bolt spells, (Vlargruhn begins muttering an incantation…) try not to cast anything when you see the bolt string, so you will get a chance to block it should it be a bolt. It will also cast extinction occasionally and energy orb, if you get hit by one of these it might be best to eat a calm mix and go 2 east to wait it out, and let someone else rotate into fighting. When eating the calm mixes, make sure you eat it when Vlargruhn isn’t casting any spells, otherwise it will finish casting and re-enter combat with you. It will also occasionally dispel self, so keep it spelled up when it does.

Inevitably you will get silenced, webbed and most likely blinded too, when you get low on HP, or should it dispel your sanctuary eat a calm mix and wait till you can move east, so the next person can go attack Vlargruhn while you recover. There is a danger of been teleported into Lord Templeton’s throne room while not in combat, so try stay in combat as long as possible while webbed. If you are killing it with someone else they can loot for you, or fight Vlargruhn and block the room in doing so. It is also non-aggro so you are also free to just run back into the room and freely loot yourself without danger.

Once down to screams in agony it will start to heal so you need to try doing plenty of damage to take it down further, when you hit barely clinging to life it will momentary darkness the room. If you have a psionic, have them cancel illusion to help combat the momentary darkness. Spamming ice wind or other area spells will help finish him off if it does cast momentary darkness, make sure to loot. Who ever lands the killing blow will earn 27 AP, Vlargruhn will also instantly repop, so be careful casting too many room attacks. Corpse does not explode.

None herbalists will need to time casting calm against their current stats and use smoke bombs in the case of being silenced by Vlargruhn and move east immediately after smoking.

Vlargruhn carries:

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