VIP Mud Script Loading Guide

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VIP Mud Script Loading Guide

This guide defines different types of scripts, how they can be used, and how to load different types of scripts for different uses. It is specific to the VIP Mud client.

Defining a Script

 :a script is generally defined as a single file containing one or more definitions for aliases, triggers, or variables. These definitions may stand alone or work together to perform an array of functions within the client application. 
 : Different types of script files:
  1. Simple scripts: function as stand alone definitions, sometimes requiring external sound files
  2. Compiled scripts: combine definitions sourced from multiple scripts
  3. Script Packages: requires an assortment of dependant script files, usually providing several advanced functions

Storing Script Files

 :Where you place your script files is essential to the client application actually finding them. It's trying to be clever about it, but you need to be aware of the various places the client expects to find a file. Especially in the case of files of the same name, this can be the cause of serious errors.

  1. The client will follow an explicit file path like "C:/fu/bar/script.set"
  2. Lacking the machine drive prefix, however, the client will assume the given path starts within the same directory where the client is installed. This is likely to be "C:/program files/vipmud/".
  3. When connected to a game server, the directory named for that server will also be checked

 : For our purposes, scripts can be safely assumed to be properly stored in the game server directory "MateriaMateria?"

Storing Sound Files

In the same way that the client seeks out script files in a few speicific locations, sound files are either found via a full path or assumed to be stored within the "sounds" subdirectory where the client is installed. This is likely to be "C:/program files/vipmud/sounds/". Scripts provided for download on this WIKI should describe where such required files are expected to reside.

Downloading Scripts

 : Links appearing as rather normal "http:://" should be treated in normal fashion. 

Links to scripts provided within this WIKI may appear like "upload:filename.set". Those files were uploaded to the WIKI by other users.

  1. Click the link to open the script file, and save the page in your browser
  2. Left-click the link, and choose to save the file

 :Note - Method 2 is more likely to preserve the file as it was written. If you encounter errors at load, the file may be corruptted.

Loading Scripts on the Fly

In the same way that you can define aliases, triggers, and variables directly within the edit box of the VIP Mud client, you can also load scripts. These scripts will be temporary, in that they will not be in place when you restart your client. Any script can also be unloaded temporarily.

Use the "#LOAD" command to have the contents of a file loaded into client memory.

IE: #Load /mm/example.set
Use the "#Unload" command to remove the contents of a file from memory.
IE: #Unload example.set

Note that the "#Load" command requires the full path to the file, while the "#Unload" command wants the filename.

Automatically Loading Scripts At Startup

1. General use scripts

 :: Browse down into the folder where your client is installed, and you will find a "startup.set" file. Any commands such as load commands will be executed when you start your cclient. Simply open that file in any plain text editor. 

2. Game server specific scripts

 :: Once a connection is made to a game server, your client will create a folder and script file within. This file may be edited to include load commands. Any connection to that server will then automatically load those scripts into memory. 

3. Character specific scripts

  :: Also within a server folder, a character file will be created for each character defined in your connection diolog. Again, simply edit the file named for one of your characters, and that file will be executed when that specific character connects to the game server. 

Tips on Editing Scripts

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