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Information for Clan Timeworn (Court)

Information for Clan Timeworn (Court):
Title: {Old Mofos}
Motto: We hate everyone.
Creation Date: Tue Oct 29 22:57:32 2002
Owner(s): Bortaz, Jheron, Aesir
Members: 58/68
Bortaz         Jheron         Janizar        Tyben          Aesir          
Aurian         Vintara        Ich            Antrel         Sevilildan     
Darkmagic      Csia           Charmante      Sacho          Yagami         
Shiv           Felisin        Saitok         Hastur         Brutl          
Phaustix       Brindle        Blarfy         Valiance       Kabaal         
Gatica         Ororo          Tannyon        Dupre          Elyssa         
Siege          Asphyx         Gezus          Kyasha         Nostri         
Weezy          Illyria        Stromgarde     Notorious      Blueknight     
Kasdeya        Nemix          Mischka        Karo           Alyn           
Sorja          Wafflefry      Carlina        Slothy         Bloodrose      
Tinkle         Riruela        Slingblade     Nire           Gunbladee      
Trakata        Lelah          Cardov    
Favored Religion: Maradas (30% Homogenous)
Reputation: 4972 (Saintly)
Allied: Member of Order of Chaos Alliance [2] since Mon May 28 09:44:53 2012.
Active Clan Leaders: Ororo, Tannyon, Illyria
Clan Homeboy: Duende
We are currently accepting applications for membership.
If interested, consider the following before applying:>
1.} We will not accept anyone under the age of 18, and prefer players above the age of 25.
2.} Character must be above level 120 and upon referral of a present clan member.
3.} Have simple common sense and intellect.
4.} If you aren't familiar with/can't follow the rules of the game, we don't want to hear you complain about being
  } punished.  We aren't babysitters here, if you can't act civil and appropriately, go away.
5.} We won't park your alts, so don't bother.
6.} Be sane, somewhat normal, and absolutely can not be annoying.
7.} Be able to take a joke of ANY magnitude. :)
8.} Be aware this: http://i.imgur.com/Kzmj0.png might happen.
[If you're still interested, you must email us at TimewornMM@hotmail.com.  Please include
    responses to the above, and state your reason for interest, including information about
    yourself, your character, and why clan Timeworn would be a good home for you.]
Clan Mortality Statistics:
* NPCs slain by members: [3375260]   Members slain by NPCs:         [33138  ]
* LPKs by clan members:  [4500   ]   Members LPKed:                 [4183   ]
* NPKs by clan members:  [7732   ]   Members NPKed:                 [5400   ]
* CPKs by clan members:  [966    ]   Members CPKed:                 [371    ]
* PKs out of normal PK:  [529    ]   Members PKed out of normal PK: [686    ]

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