The Crusader Behemoth

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Availability: 2 repops per "a feldspar key", 30 minute repop zone standard.

The Crusader Behemoth requires a lot of luck and time across a couple of zones, while most of it can be camped solo i recommend 2 people to avoid being CPK'd while collecting artifacts for doing the run. This run takes place across the zones of Towne of Decara, Catacombs of Shame, and 1 random zone per repop.


Very little preparation is required for this run, reagents and mems but mostly free time will be all that you need.

Obtaining first artifact

The first item to obtain is "a piece of mirror", which is a low repop drop item from The Fire Queen in Templeton's Catacombs of Shame. The mirror piece is pretty fragile and can be lost to fragging weapons and spells, so should she have one, remember to wear weapons and cast spells that will not destroy it. The Fire Queen breathes fire damage but does not cast any spells.

From the entrance of the Catacombs of Shame go east until you hit the blood fountain then go all northeast, all north, all west, all northeast again and wait on the capstone. You'll be teleported to a new area. Now go southeast and enter the coffin, wait in here again and you'll be teleported to another area. From here go all north, down, all south, west and all southwest, follow the path until you meet the arena master, he will say something, respond with "yes" or use the nod social, if nothing happens exit room, re-enter and do it quicker, he will respond and then leave.

Continue south into the second LPK arena and find the bull (will take at least 10 seconds to spawn). Kill it, it doesn't cast but has fairly heavy attacks and bashes, and obtain the bullhorn from it. Return to the arena master and give the horn to him. He'll give you a compass, hold onto this. Continue back north through the path until you get back to the entrance of it. Go a couple east until you see a southeast, go all southeast, all south, all west, 2 north, open east, all east and search for a hidden room. A room should appear east, go inside the room and wait to be teleported, the teleport can be annoying and only teleport a few people at a time, so if you are teleported move east, once east wait for another teleport, after this teleport wait for all people to be teleported before continuing.

Next head northwest to the pedestal, the room will lag and prevent you from moving until it teleports you. Once teleported go s,s,w,w,s,s,w,w,w,s,s,sw,s,se,e,e,ne,n,ne,e,e,e,e,n,n,n,e,e,e and you will now be at The Fire Queen. She's rather easy, just attack and heal.

Once a mirror drops, wait for repop and check her for another before leaving, as she often loads 2 in a row, which will let you do the run 2 times. It is recommended that you hide the mirror somewhere safe and easily accessible such as your clanhall/house if applicable. The less time the mirror travels with you, the less liable it will be to fragging.

Obtaining a feldspar key

This is perhaps the most annoying part of the run, first off you need to go (from recall of Decara) w;n; all west to the down, and go down, locate a guard wearing a uniform and kill the guard, once you have the uniform from recall head w;n; all east to ogre gateguard, wear the uniform, and go north. Here is the keymaster, fairly easy mob, dispel and kill it. Once you obtain an obsidian key from him, his part is done. Again from recall, go w;n;all west to the first locked door, unlock this with the obsidian key (recommend you take a friend for this part) go south, and lock the north door to delay people from reaching you, go west and search, you will uncover a down. In the down is the accountant. The accountant deals heavy melee damage and bashes, especially if you can not dispel haste, beware.

From the accountant you will need "a ledger" as with the mirror the ledger can be fragged, so care should be taken not to destroy this. Once you obtain a ledger one of you needs to go visit Lord Glomus, from recall w;n; all west to down, down;s;all west, is 2 rooms into NPK. Go into his room without being aggroed and he will notice the ledger in your inventory, when he speaks, say yes and give him the ledger. Several guards will repop and all attack you, so flee out. He will either have given you "a safety-deposit box key" or "Lord Glomus' key". The key you want is the former, so if he gives you one excellent, if not, back to camping the accountant for another ledger.

To get the feldspar key you need to get another uniform as before and go back to the ogre gateguard, but this time go south, there is a chest 2 south in the gate house, unlock it and get all from the chest, if you are a lucky a feldspar key will be inside, if not, try again another day or after reboot.

Alternate way for feldspar key

From recall go n;w;w;w;w;s;w;s;s;se;ne;n this will take you to Towne of Decara bank, west is the The loan officer who has a small chance of repoping with "a safety-deposit box key" camping him can cut out camping the keymaster and accountant, but usually i camp both sets of mobs. Once you get his key, follow the above part for obtaining the feldspar key.

The Crusader Behemoth encounter

*Immune to: summon, charm, bash
*Resistant to: poison, disease, light, necromantic
*Vulnerable to: none
* 'sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'haste', cast at level 350.
* 'death grip', cast at level 250.

With the mirror and feldspar key, head to Catacombs of Shame and go all east, down, all north, stop. Cast detect illusion, and go west through the wall, unlock the north door with the feldspar key. Once inside, there is an urn of sin in the middle room, hold and use the mirror in this room. Next type look mirror and you will see the reflection of the top of the urn, this will give a description, in the description is a color of lock. The color of the lock is the name of the key from a random zone that you must go find (and find quickly before the door repops and locks you out). For example it may show "an ivy-covered lock" so you would need to find "an ivy-covered key" in this case, from the shadowspawn mobs on Irda Isle.

There is an alliance bot:

Keyid <key name>

That will id currently around 150 different keys, if the key is not a known key from the bot, you will need to locate it through other means. As soon as you work out what the key is, one of you will need to go locate and recover one and run back to the urn, place the key into the urn and The Crusader Behemoth will appear.

The actual fight is pretty easy, dispel, debuff and then attack and just heal. Once its over a portal will open offering a way out, should you have a second mirror, wait for the urn to repop and repeat the lock finding, be sure to send the person with the feldspar key to get the next key, as the door will likely lock before they return.

Note: The Crusader Behemoth has a level 500 iron lance, it is recommend that faeries don't tank him.

The Crusader Behemoth carries:

Item 'the ancient mangled horn of a powerful minotaur' is type artifact, alignment 0, made of bone,
has keywords 'chipped mangled ancient horn powerful minotaur'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 12 pebbles, and is valued at 48,500 gp.
This level 240 item has the attributes: identified no-sac insulated nodecay
The ancient mangled horn of a powerful minotaur is in excellent condition.
This item has a default lifespan of 150 days and will expire on Sat Oct 16 13:59:10 2010.
Has 3 of 3 total charges per day of level 120 spell 'water invocation'.
Affects saving-breath by 6.
Affects saving-petri by 4.
*Your strength must be greater than or equal to 24 to use this item.
*Your class must be equal to rogue to use this item.
*Your class must be equal to shaman to use this item.
Once, this horn belonged to a powerful minotaur druid, who mastered the
elements and chose to fight for evil, guided in the ways of nefariousness by
the Sultan of Vice.  Now, only his twisted horn remains, occasionally
pulsating with the remnant power associated with those guided by the
Commissioner of Sins

Item 'a Manari cameo' is type jewelry, alignment 0, made of steel,
has keywords 'small ring insignia order manari cameo classring', equipped on the finger.
This item weighs 0 stones and 12 pebbles, and is valued at 50,800 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: identified insulated unbreakable always-equipment-index
A Manari cameo is in excellent condition.
*Your class must be equal to cavalier to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 4 times.
The Manari were a proud group, they had contempt for many other warriors and
professions, and this ring reflects that contempt.  Indeed, worn by any but
a Manari knight, this ring would likely look ostentatious.  It is a glossy
gold, and the insignia of a rearing horse crushing a humanoid enemy is
unmistakeable.  Worn by a proper warrior, and it should inspire fear and
+++ a Manari cameo has, when in combat, a chance to be utilized to
righteously backhand a non-cavalier, shaming them into their riding skill
being reduced by 8 for 5 minutes, at a cost of 250 stamina, at a rate of 12%
per round. 

Item 'the fragmented remnants of a powerful artifact' is type armor, alignment 0, made of unknown-alloy,
has keywords 'fragmented remnants powerful artifact broken shard equipment blacksmith'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 6 pebbles, and is valued at 42,800 gp.
This level 200 item has the attributes: identified nomail broken no-container unbreakable no-save no-rent
The fragmented remnants of a powerful artifact is in excellent condition.
Armor resistance is 0 pierce, 0 bash, 0 slash, and 0 exotic.
*This item may be repaired 5 times.
Forged in the magmatic depths of an unnamed, unknowable volcano on the far
side of the world, this fragment alone contains vast power, hinting at the
magnificent abilities possible when the individual pieces of the original
item are combined, to form...  What?  The shard is too small to really hint
at what this used to be, and the shape isn't much of an indication.  Really,
it's not even certain what this thing is made out of.  Regardless, it's a
nice thing to save, if it will last much longer.  
the fragmented remnants of a powerful artifact is broken and is in need of repair.

Item 'a broadshield of the crusader' is type armor, alignment 0, made of iron,
has keywords 'flaming black fist broadshield crusader shield', equipped as a shield.
This item weighs 1 stones and 0 pebbles, and is valued at 55,100 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: identified insulated wont-fuse
A broadshield of the crusader is in excellent condition.
Armor resistance is 6 pierce, 5 bash, 6 slash, and 5 exotic.
Affects courage by 1.
Affects saving-petri by 6.
Affects damage by 12.
Affects strength by -3.
*Your vitality must be greater than or equal to 23 to use this item.
*Your proficiency in 'shield block' must be greater than 80 to use this item.
*Your proficiency in 'lance' must be greater than 80 to use this item.
*Your proficiency in 'parry' must be greater than 80 to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 12 times.
As wide as it is tall, this broadshield weighs quite a bit, due to its
triple-plated, iron-riveted heft.  On the front is riveted a stylish black
hand, clenched into a fist, surrounded by crimson flame.  Fit for only the
finest of crusaders, this shield is the perfect addition to any valiant
knight's arsenal, particularly with the spikes jutting out of each knuckle. 

Item 'a pair of spurred steel sabotons' is type armor, alignment 0, made of steel,
has keywords 'pair spurred steel sabotons pointy shoes', equipped on the feet.
This item weighs 0 stones and 34 pebbles, and is valued at 55,100 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: identified insulated wont-fuse
A pair of spurred steel sabotons is in excellent condition.
Armor resistance is 12 pierce, 11 bash, 12 slash, and 11 exotic.
Alters knowledge of 'sneaking' by -25%.
Affects saving-petri by 4.
Affects damage-kick by 20.
*Your proficiency in 'bash' must be greater than 75 to use this item.
*Your race must be equal to minotaur to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 5 times.
Ratcheted on the sides, pointy in the front and clanky everywhere, these
boots do not look terribly comfortable.  They do, however, look very solid,
very hard, and very painful if making contact with anything soft or fleshy. 
The frontside offers a not-terribly-dull point, while the backside has spurs
attached, to improve the wearer's combat abilities, both while mounted and
not.  Very useful in combat, not so much so elsewhere.  

Note: Take the fragmented remnants of a powerful artifact to A Cobra Blacksmith in Arcane Archipelago.

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