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The Rogue class is the stereotypical thief class. They sneak, they cheat, they lie, they slip a dagger between your vertebrae and twist before taking your things.

They have several unique abilities to aid in these, chiefly Backstab, Evasion, Grapple, Lock Picking, Snare and Tracking. A versatile toolkit to suit PvE? and PvP? needs.

They do, however, suffer from minimal weapon options with low damage output, and even fewer options to utilize Backstab effectively.

Practicing Guide

These suggestions are for first class. Your milage may vary if this is not your first class.

SkillComplexityPractice ToDescriptionAdditional Info
Acrobatics50% DEF MAX Defense Skill, cannot use while mounted Costs 3 Stamina.
Backstab10% COM MAX Great for starting combat, especially for low levels. Fails if the target is under 50% HP. If the target is casting , this can surge the spell.
Only Hooks, Daggers, and Piercing-Attribute weapons can be used to backstab.
Hiding before Backstabbing results in a +2 Accuracy boost for a minute.
Commit Embezzlement65% TEK - Lets you steal gold dropped from Boss Kills from other players. First rule of being a thief is don't get caught. This echoes to the room that you did it.
It needs a negative alignment of -350 or lower to be used.
Commit Betrayal95% TEK MAX Lets you pretend you are a different alignment to NPCs. Has niche uses, but those niche uses are very useful.
Dagger1% WEA MAX Common weapon type; useful for backstabbing This is the archetypal Rogue weapon, so practice it to the highest you can.
Dodge8% DEF MAX Defense skill Possibly the most useful defense out of combat as well, letting you dodge bites and boulders.
Costs 3 Stamina.
Detect traps45% TEK MAX Check an object or exit for traps Can be trained to mastery.
This can and will happen passively, making it very useful in general.
It gains even MORE use when paired with Disarm Traps.
Disarm traps13% TEK MAX Attempt to remove traps of all kinds from an object or exit If a trap is found with Detect Traps, Disarm Traps will attempt immediately.
Failure can trigger the trap.
Still worth taking, due to Verity Isle and the Proving Grounds.
Dart28% WEA choice Weapon skill that is usable from almost anywhere in formation Primary benefit of the Dart is that it is the ranged (8 Range) option for Rogues.
It is an okay fallback.
Decipher44% MYS - Lets you read graffiti that is written by other thieves Practice suggestion is based on the only graffiti I (Malfat) know of being player-written, and not useful.
Exotic50% WEA MAX Weapon skill with esoteric types Exotic is a great catch-all weapon, with a wide variety of damage types.
This includes the OTHER damage type which cannot be resisted.
Evasion25% DEF MAX Nullify attempts to start combat with you
This WILL save your ass
Evasion is THE unique skill of Rogue.
As invisibility is no longer a viable method to avoid combats, Evasion is priceless.
Master it ASAP.
Forgery7% MYS choice Falsify documents to pass through restricted areas Useful later on if time is a legitimate concern. It often is not.
It needs a negative alignment of -350 or lower to be used.
Grapple22% COM MAX Prevent enemies from fleeing combat
Swing across gaps in the map
Very versatile ability.
Successful grapples deal BASH damage and drain stamina from the target.
It also increases damage dealt and potentially accuracy if strong.
Holding a grapple weapon or item can prevent their fleeing.
If mounted, the grapple weapon or item is required, or the grapple will fail.
Hand to hand1% WEA MAX "Weapon" skill Sometimes you drop a weapon or it breaks. Hand to hand is the fallback to end all fallbacks.
Hide30% TEK MAX Attempt to hide yourself or an object Can be trained to mastery.
Hiding items for your form is a good use the skill, to prevent loss of keys.
Hook9% WEA choice Weapon skill, useful for backstabbing Better base damage than Daggers, but a much lower chance to critically hit and lower accuracy.
Kick10% COM MAX Deals middling bash damage
Usually hits the legs but can hit higher
Gives you something to do between stabbing.
Lock picking35% TEK MAX Attempt to pick a lock This is absurdly useful. No skeleton keys for us!
Peek45% TEK choice Look into person's inventory when one looks at them. Can be trained to mastery.
So we can't really steal anymore, so this is not really that useful.
Train if you want.

Perception1% MAX Allows one to search for hidden objects/exits. TBC
Second attack35% MAX Allows a second hit per round TBC
Sneaking20% MAX Silences the room message when one enters a room. Great for PK areas. TBC
Snare25% choice Set a trap to catch an unwary victim TBC
Throwing15% MAX Allows you to throw throwable objects TBC
Tracking45% MAX Automatically look for and move to a target TBC
Throwing star16% choice Weapon skill TBC
Throwing knife16% MAX Weapon skill TBC
TaggingTBC - TBC TBC
Word of RecallTBC MAX TBC TBC
Yo-yo13% choice Weapon skill. Has a dispelling weapon. TBC

SpellSCC NeededPractice ToDescriptionAdditional Info
Cover of Darkness53% min During the night, conceals the Rogue, allowing some emoted abilities to be evaded Only works at night, so 50% of the time. Unless it works underground, not worth it.

Skillpower information

AcrobaticsEvery 6 points is a 1% chance of Acrobatics not counting as a used defense.
BackstabEvery 1 point is a 3% chance to inflict a bleeding effect on the target.
Cover of DarknessNone
Commit EmbezzlementNone
Commit BetrayalNone
DaggerEvery 1 point is 0.33% more damage dealt
DodgeEvery 1 point is a 1% chance to throw a Throwing Knife from your inventory when dodging
Detect TrapsNone
Disarm TrapsNone
DartEvery 1 point is 0.33% more damage dealt
ExoticEvery 1 point is 0.33% more damage dealt
EvasionEvery 1 point is a 1% chance on a success to gain 50 defense-speed for a minute.
GrappleEvery 1 point will grant a 1% chance that the enemy, when fleeing, will be afflicted with a Strike of Death
Hand to handNone
HideEvery 1 point is 1 additional damage when you Backstab while being hidden
HookEvery 1 point is 0.33% more damage dealt
Lock pickingNone


[ # ] [ Skill Name ]

  22               perception                  
  23                raise bar                  
  24            second attack                  
  25                 sneaking                  
  26                    snare                  
  27                 throwing                  
  28                 tracking                  
  29            throwing star                  
  30           throwing knife                  
  31                  tagging                  
  32           word of recall                  
  33                    yo-yo  

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