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The Psionic class is one of four Mage classes, known for amazing feats of psychokinetic power. Grants additional maximum Sanity upon taking the class, +3 at First Class and +2 for all others.

Available for : Human, Elf, Half Elf, Dwarf, Fey, Gnome, Halfling, Dracon, Minotaur, Drow, Sahuagin

NOT available for : Ogre, Sidhe


 All of a Psionic's spells are silent and do not require the use of your hands, bypassing the Web Filter.
 There are several unique spells that are very useful in PvP? and PvE? both.
 No memorization is needed for this class.
 No standard reagent usage.


 Unstandard reagents, Focusing Crystals, are at times costly and are the heaviest of all standard reagents at 5pb each
 Most damage types are standard weapon damages, making some type-immune mobs slightly more difficult than they should be.
 Some of the spells are just useless...

Practicing Guide

SkillComplexityPractice ToDescriptionAdditional Info
Dagger1% 75% Weapon skill. Useful for backstabbing. Front-line only. Pierce damage in first class, good for backstabbing later on.
Hand to hand1% xx / 75% Unarmed fighting skill. If you feel like punching things with fists and your brain at the same time...or if you like to run around without a weapon.
Hide30% xx Ability to hide oneself or items. Psionics get a better form of Hide through spells...Mimic.
Mace1% 75% Weapon skill. Front-line only. Common weapon type with mostly bash damage. Deals the most out of the types available to a Psionic
Meditation40% 100% Increase SP regen Dude...casting spells is bread and butter. Max this.
Magical items5% 100% Allow one to use magically charged items Why bother fumbling on a scroll, and why bother failing to use a wand of Sil...Lightning Bolt? Hit it at level 1:60 and never waste a level better again.
Perception1% 75% Makes searching for hidden objects possible Because finding things in a death trap means finding things FAST.
Whip1% xx Weapon skill, can be used in mid-line. Inaccurate mostly-slash type weapon. Also mostly-useless.

SpellComplexityPractice ToDescriptionAdditional Info
Bar22% xx Psionic version of Magic Lock Magically annoy your friends and hostile NPCs!
Cancellation92% 75% Prevents a school of magic from being cast for its duration You can stop bolts, annihilation, momentary darkness...everything except for SMOKEFLEE
Disrupt sight30% 75% Psionic version of Blind Works on some things that other types of blind don't.
Domination30% xx Psionic version of Charm Timepiece Spell / Free damage in a form if you want I guess but really...meh.
Describe0% xx Psionic version of Identify Timepiece spell <<< Only reason to train this. USELESS! Lore man...Lore.
Esp14% xx Psionic version of the Scan skill And scan! JUST USE SCAN!
Force field7% 75% Psionic version of Shield +9 AR at archon.
Forget85% xx Stops tracking attempts on caster How often are you being tracked that you cared about?
Float8% xx Psionic version of Levitate Levitate
Geisteblitz45% TBD Causes target to deal damage to themself depending on their wielded weapon Deals double damage in Limbo Maze and Ethereal Void
Irritation15% 75% Psionic version of Plague ALWAYS will hit unless immune. Has a shorter duration than other plagues.
Induce aggression44% xx Cause aggressive creatures to be more likely to attack the target Timepiece spell and best success string in the game.
Knock22% 75% Psionic version of Magic Unlock People and doors and locking...bah. Mental Key baby. Mental...Key...
Mesmerize10% 75% Psionic version of Web They have to be able to SEE your eyes, so blind after web.
Mimic30% xx Take the form of target item Useful if you like to hide in PK
Memory drain65% xx Remove memorized spells from the target PK Spell.
Mind shield56% xx / 75% Mental-resistance buff Free resistances...I love them.
Mental disruption88% xx Prevent target from reading spellbooks or scrolls if you do Mem Drain, do this too.
Nullification field91% xx Prevent dispel magic from working for a number of attempts TBC
Pense4% xx Psionic version of Sense Life Use gear!
Pyrokinesis48% 75% Attack spell, does fire damage Rare elemental damage for a Psi.
Spook40% 75% Scare target into fleeing Because Summon Elemental is annoying.
Sensory enhancement34% xx Hear whispers and chatter from adjacent rooms Timepiece Spell << Sole reason to train this.
Telesmatic force40% xx Attempt to disarm target PK spell.
Telekinetic punch1% 75% Mental-Lash damage Special Damage type makes it worthwhile. 2-second cast.
Telekinetic pierce33% 75% Attack spell, does pierce damage Poke poke.
Telekinetic slash45% 75% Attack spell, does slash damage Cut cut cut.
Telekinetic explosion70% 75% Area of Effect targetting, high lightning damage AoE? and Lightning.
Teleview70% 75% Look at target's room. Excellent spell for fun and games and for tracking people.
Telekinetic bash10% 75% Quick attack spell, does bash damage. Just like Bash ability...only in their HEADS! So it can backfire spells on a chance.
Telekinetic shield56% 75% Additional defense, AR buff Drains 25 SP per tick while active. Also lets you shield block while wielding 2-handers
Transference39% xx Transfer spell points from caster to target Timepiece Spell <<< I could see it being useful but it wasn't that great before...
Telekinetic wave65% 75% Energy damage to target and its form; can break form apart Form Buster can be Life Saver!
Telekinesis72% 75% Increase caster's carrying capacity, minor courage boost Mmmmm inventory.

Additional Information


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