Pogonip Vseth

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Availability: Every 45 minutes, per standard zone repop.

This run is located in Dungeon Avarice past the fog giant Gordan. It requires a form of 3 good stat archons, any more or less can be dangerous. To start the run you must kill a writhing tendril of fog in Rune Graveyard until on drops the key a wisp of fog, the key will drop to ground so you need to look after each kill. Obtaining the key can take many repops, so be prepared to camp or have an alt there to camp kills.


Check your mems, reagent levels, and make sure you have a spade, pickaxe and some warp gems to bury so you can exit the zone. Head to Dungeon Avarice go all south, all down, then e, e, s, e, s, e, e, n, e. This will bring you to The fog giant Gordan.

From here you need to unlock the east, then one person go east, they need to wait for a dark room emote:

A large pile of rocks drops from the ceiling, nailing you right in the skull. - A rock hitting you.


A large pile of rocks drops from the ceiling, but luckily hits the ground just beside you. - A rock missing you.

Once one of the emotes has happened move south one room and wait for the next emote then move one south again, rinse and repeat the move one room, wait for emote, all the way south, once you reach the end move all east and wait for everyone else.

Once you get around 5 or 6 rooms south, tell the next person so they can start making their way south too, be sure to keep moving so you don't end up in same room however. Also the rocks when they hit you do around 100 damage, but you should easily out regen it without stopping to cast.

Warning: Not waiting for the emote and moving south will instantly CPK you.

Pogonip Vseth encounter

Pogonip Vseth is located all west, she casts witch spells as well as normal spells. The single most dangerous spell she casts been end incarnation should this land on tank it will instantly kill them.

Pogonip Vseth begins casting a spell...

The above string signifies her casting end incarnation or extinction. The tank will need to flee from this cast if they see it or they will most likely die. Should the tank be webbed it is recommended you keep calming her until the web fades. Also removing curse every so often to remove all the curses on tank will give her a larger spell pool to cast from and reduce the risk of her casting end incarnation.

She will also bolt occasionally the usual incantation string can be predicted as a bolt, or a curse, so the tank needs to show caution when casting into incantations, in addition the tank will need to remain above 2k hp at all times to avoid a bolt death, especially given the armor debuffs she casts which will increase the damage taken from spells.

She will also randomly false smoke the room making it appear to end combat only for it to start back up a few seconds later.

She will flee when she is low so you will need to keep up with her, the tank should not be the leader as they will be confused and unable to move around.

Finally, should you flee to heal, flee 2 rooms away as the entire corridor is fear affect and been spooked back into her room at low hp can be very dangerous.

Pogonip Vseth carries:

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