Mharizad, The Elder Vampire

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Availbility: Once a game month, on the 13th at midnight (midnight of 12/13 or 13/14 - TBC).

Recommended that you have 3 Archons, as once Mharizad, The Elder Vampire is in the towne of Rune he will bit mobs and turn them into copies of himself if they are not killed quickly, which also need to be killed before you can kill him.

You will need to acquire a holy silver cross from Tower of Art to start this run, the cross can be found up in the CPK zone of the tower, through the only west door and then the first north, search to find it. Currently the cross decays rapidly, so you can not store it for long, should you get one, you need to head to the towne of New Rigel to Indra Temple.

Indra Temple can be found all south on Lewis Street, the final west door, head inside, west, west, then north and you will see a down. Say "In the name of the dark powers let me pass" this will unlock the down door, head in and place the cross into the coffin (this needs to be done between 7pm and midnight, and likely requires one full moon - TBC), this will release Mharizad, The Elder Vampire. You will then need to hurry to the towne of Rune.


Check mems, reagents and be ready in the towne of Rune for midnight. Killing off as many of the local mobs will save you a bit of time hunting down the copies of Mharizad, The Elder Vampire.

Mharizad, The Elder Vampire encounter

Once Mharizad, The Elder Vampire arrives in the towne of Rune he will bite mobs and taint them, you need to kill all of these and catch up to him as he makes his way around town. Once all are dead attack and kill him,

Attacks and spells - TBC.

Once you have killed him in towne of Rune he will run away to Temple Crypt, head on down and repeat the same process as of killing any tainted mobs and killing him, if you are quick and he doesnt taint any mobs he will die for good. Should you miss any mobs and he dies, he will flee to Sigil. This will be his final location, killing him here will finish him off for good.

Mharizad, The Elder Vampire carries:

Item 'a pair of vampiric armbands' is type armor, alignment -500, made of admantite,
has keywords 'armbands vampiric', equipped on the arms.
This item weighs 0 stones and 66 pebbles, and is valued at 57,800 gp.
This level 240 item has the attributes: identified insulated magic-resistant
A pair of vampiric armbands is in excellent condition.
Armor resistance is 50 pierce, 49 bash, 51 slash, and 49 exotic.
Affects vitality by -2.
Casts the level 110 spell, 'death grip'.
*This item may be repaired 7 times.
The many runes covering these armbands are scribed completely in blood
red.  A laquered finish on them makes the red and black stand out
menacingly.  The briefest touch of flesh to these quickly proves to be
draining as you feel your very strength ebbing into them.

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