Matrix Gauntlets

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You will need:
  1. At least 2 of "a polished opal" to travel to the area (not for artificing) - from a rabid shapeshifter in Magencia. See a junior megatentacled bog nightmare guide.
  2. A pair of steel gloves - from the Eldmarian Battlerager (Wandering mobs, or divination tray summons. See Baron Nezak's quest items)
  3. Black gauntlets - (from Hellbent Mountain miniquest) see below.
  4. An unknown gauntlet. Possibly varies every reboot, see details below.
  5. An iron brick - (from Hellbent Mountain miniquest) see below.

Finding out the required unknown gauntlet:


Gauntlets that the artificer has been known to ask for (for the unknown component):

Log below:

 A Disintegrating Hole                                  -      -      -
(-------------------------------------------------)     - <-U-(M)---> -
                                                        -      -      -
  Visible Exits: U 

  The ground disintegrates underfoot, crumbling to nothingness, vaporizing
after every step.  The walls seem to be slowly drifting apart, not only from
one another, but themselves, as if turning into a gas.  So far from the
surface, away from Castle Matrix, everything just seems a bit less real...  
     Blue-tinged magic physically manifests itself here, glowing.
[Clan 81] **Cristina is resting here.
*A fey sits with his back to the wall, fastening reality together.
An intermediate artificer looks up at you with wide eyes.

   You persist in the face of adversity and danger.
      That hand armor of yours, very interesting. I would be interested to know where you obtained it.
         I spent many years searching for such items, but was never successful..
                  I shall consider it. Leave me be for now, and ask me about the gauntlets in a hour.

<3152hp 3248sp 1732st> sayto artificer gauntlets
You say to an intermediate artificer, 'Gauntlets'
An intermediate artificer looks up at you, with a spark of acknowledgement.

   Right on time, Ardant. I appreciate punctuality.
      I have decided that spending some time on something else would be relaxing.
         I shall take on the challenge of worthy gauntlets.
            However, I shall require your assistance, to gather the components.
               Are you prepared to complete this ask, to our mutual benefit?

An intermediate artificer looks at you expectantly.

<3152hp 3248sp 1734st> sayto artif yes
You say to an intermediate artificer, 'Yes'
An intermediate artificer brushes his hands on his pants, and faces you.

   Firstly, I need a pair of black gauntlets. Special ones, from a Cavhfail agent. Rich in magic from Matrix.
      Secondly, I shall require a brick of anti-iron, to enhance reality.
         Additionally, I shall require two other pairs of magical gauntlets, to ensure the correct form.
            Perhaps, a pair of battlerager gauntlets. They're extremely rare nowadays..
               And a pair of steel gauntlets, the kind that will confer a magical rage into all about them
                  Bring them to me at your leisure, and I shall rise to the occasion.

An intermediate artificer goes back to working.

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